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New stepmum - nightmare child

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New to this so bear with me!

I got married just over a year ago & inherited a 9 year old step daughter.
She has 4 half brothers by her Mum. And her Dad and I have just had a baby too.

She is spoilt rotten by her mum. Drives me insane. She's a spoilt little shite, and because when she comes here to our house ,we don't give in to her demands she kicks off. She's now threatening her Dad with 'if you don't let me have that / do this then I'm not coming again.


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She is 9. She doesn't get to make those decisions and if her mother with holds visitation: take her arse to court.

There is not a judge in this world that is going to let the kid stay with BM because "Dadddiii doesnt spoil me enough"