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Diagnose COW for me

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COW is 40 years old. She can't maintain a relationship with a man, can't support herself, can't manage her finances. It took her twenty years to get her college degree, she was supposed become a nurse but I think she had to settle for certified nursing assistant. She doesn't understand things like how child support and insurance work. She thinks she is very popular and thinks she has a great personality. Her family won't help her financially anymore, she randomly calls my husband to swear at him, and blames him for all her problems. She thinks he was having an affair with me, but it was her affairs that ended the marriage. She also thinks my husband is stupid, she never believes she is wrong, and thinks she is highly intelligent, and that her kids are also, even though they are all D students. So what kind of mental disorder does she have? Or is she just stupid?

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ADHD might be right. If we had a diagnosis it might help us be able it figure out a more constructive way to interact with her.

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Unfortunately, all I can do is suggest your dh keeps documentation on her so the courts can require her to get some professional help so she can improve her life and become a happier person. Although I know many will disagree, I feel for the bio parents we blog about in this section. I have loved ones who struggle with mental disorders. I see the struggles they go through and don't wish those struggles on anyone.

I think my SDs bm may likely have an un diagnosed mental disorder. She doesn't seem to understand cs, she lives in filth, she pays no attention to the kids (even though they live with us). She's never had a job.

If she ever complains to your dh about finances he ought to give her the phone #s of your state's departments of bureau & rehabilitative services/labor department. They have classes on managing finances and can hell her get employed. BRS also has services for people with disorders of any kind.

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Lol just plain olé run of the mill crazy and dumb :p. I know I always want to have a name for what is wrong with bm so that I can explain or understand the stupid stuff that she does, but no matter how I try I can't figure it out LOL.

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COW stands for crusty old whore. My husband called her that once when he was telling me about a phone call where she said she would have taken him back if he hadn't gone and married me. It kind of stuck.

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10 psychologist will diagnose her 10 different ways, and still nothing could be wrong but her being a crummy person and self centered.

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Sometimes even really smart people can't get their act together. My exh is super smart (I always thought he was undiagnosed apsergers) and just could not get his complete act together. He'd get parts of his life running smoothly and then look over his shoulder and there would be sitting the unfinished deck for 10 years or the garage would be a pile of rubbish. Living with those kinds of people when you are considered fairly normal or standard is like living in a hellish heap. lol I'd say linmud may have hit it on the head with an ADHD or some sort of dx like that. It's so sad and so hard. I watched (briefly) Hoarders on TV and it just made my skin crawl how people can let their lives get so out of control and I honestly think it is some sort of mental disorder. It's gotta be b/c they absolutely think it's normal.

I'd like to say your COW has a mild mental disorder but I am no psych Wink But it doesn't take a psych to see it Sad

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Biggrin COW = crusty old whore!! ROFLMAO!!!! I love, love, love it!!!! We call his ex Hag, and she sounds like COW, except hag is smart, used to be financially secure, and is very manipulative. She also thought she could get DH back, ha, what a joke! She also thought he cheated (he can't even tell a small fib to keep a surprise from anyone) when she was the one throwing it all around town and caught red handed by him, his parents, friends and a PI! I know hag is a psycho sociopath but yours sounds like a self centered dumbass COW!! I so am going to tell DH that one, may have to steal it from you! Smile