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court ordered psycho therapy

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How would we find out if BM is attending her court ordered psych sessions?

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that will be up to the court to find out...since they're the ones who ordered it, they have to keep track of it.

I'm deviant though...I'd call the doctor from a prepaid cell and say I'm calling from the court and need info on a patient of theirs... (my methods are evil...but they work) }:)

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That's true. There is a medical release form that has to be signed in order for a Dr's office to release any information on a patient. If it were requested by a court, they would send a court order. If it were the actual patient, they would have to sign the release and turn it back in.

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Where I live, the court doesn't follow up on anything!!!! You have to look yourself or find yourself if you are going to file contempt. Example---our custody order from July last year said that BM and DH were to attend a Parenting Teen class within 90 Days of order. DH did it, BM as of yet hasn't, but nothing done. We keep checking the Case File, and still nothing in there.

My recommendation, contact your attorney, to contact her attorney to see what status is.

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If you call the court and ask them about it, will they tell you anything? If they haven't followed up, that'd give them reason to...

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I have no desire to go out, break the law and try to get her medical records. The same way I hope she would never be allowed to see my confidential records.

Since it was included in the final hearing. She was ordered to do therapy. She was ordered therapy because the effect of her mental condition (suicidal) on the skid was brought up in court. It was in regards to if she was able to provide proper custody. They ordered her because she is/was suicidal, and in order for her to show being a competent parent, I would think she would need to comply with the order.

BF said he does not need to know details, just the fact the she is complying with the court order.

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Filing a contempt charge would force the courts to follow-up. If BM complied with the court order, then she could share that information with the court and avoid a contempt hearing.

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Well, BF just filed for contempt on other issues, so maybe the therapy will come up in the hearing.

Thanks for the tip.

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Be sure the therapy is included on the file for contempt. I don't know if it's the same everywhere, but our judge wouldn't let anything be discussed that hadn't been filed to be discussed.