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Should I remove myself altogether!?

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I feel like I'm my bf's "sometimes partner"! All my kids are grown and out of the house. All his are as well except for his 12 yr old son. This child 2 years in a row now has been in trouble in school the 1st month it started..he can lie in our faces, say derogatory things to little girls at school, and when he is suppose to be grounded, his father is not consistent about it...I told him he is a "lazy parent" and explained what that is. Recently his son was caught in that he stole his (adult) sisters phone and brought it to school and gave it to another student...after lying in his fathers face, both his sisters faces & mine. My bf didn't know that his daughter told me the school informed her they were given her phone & what happened, (the grand father of other student brought phone to school). Its been a wk and there has been NOTHING done about it..and my bf told his daughter not to tell me...yet I was good enough to go to his sons school as we had a team meeting already this year with his teachers due to his awful behavior & talking back...I don't know what to do any more.

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Enjoy your grown kids and let BF deal with the results of his lazy parenting.  Yes, just remove yourself from all parenting or anything related to his son. Not your problem.

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By his dad. You can refuse to go to school meetings of you do not wish to go.

This is not your child and if you are going to live in a home where only dad has any authority to deal with behavioral isdies, then you cannot complain.

How can you be certain that dad has not spoken to his son about this issue?

In any case, only you can decide how you are comfortable living.

I would not need to be granted permission to deal with a behavioral issue happening in home or presence.


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Yes remove yourself entirely from engaging with this kid. Your kids are grown, raised, and out the house why stress yourself out over a kid who's father is slacking on parenting.

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Your BF has already marginalized you in this blended family and is actively lying and influencing his daughte rto lie to  you.

Do yourself a favor and move on.

Take care of you.