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Totally OT but I wanted to bring something wonderful to your new addiction.

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I don't know how many of you like candles or scents but I just stumbled onto an inexpensive incredible find at Walmart.

They are called Better Home and Garden wax cubes.....they are 2 dollars a piece and you get 6 cubes. The fragrances are AMAZING!! Here are some of the scents....

Wildberry Cheesecake
Blueberry Muffin
Country Sunflower
Shimmering Cherry Blossom
Ginger Spice Cake
Soft Cashmere Amber
Fresh Linen
Butterscotch Maple Cake
Green Apple
Ocean Fresh

There are others but that's all I bought.

You buy an electric warmer ( also at Walmart) they are 15 dollars and pop a cube in it.
I PROMISE you , you will become addicted to them and they will scent up your whole home.

My home is almost 4,000 square feet and I have one electric warmer up and one downstairs and it is strong.

My neighbor came over this morning and asked me if she could have a muffin!!!! I didn't make any it was the blueberry muffin wax cube.

I am always skeptical about scents especially from some place like Walmart but these are to die for !!

Sorry to be so excited but I'm a home fragrance freak!!

Anyway, for 25 dollars ( wax warmer and 10 different scents , it's the best money you'll spend if you love a great smelling house.

Just wanted to pass this gem along....

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Me too...these wax cubes are just as nice as Yankee tarts and I think they last longer. I'm burning Wildberry Cheesecake and it is amazing!

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Hmmm-I love good smells! I might stop by tonight and try this-it is a ss weekend after all!

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I love smells too but can't burn candles, these sound amazing. I might have to try them thanks Smile