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Divorce final today!!! :)

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I thought today would never get here....

Bit it did and today I am officially divorced!!! I'm so at peace with it and I feel it was last bit of closure I needed.

I have had to change my email address because up until last week BM was forwarding me emails from her and ex. I never responded to any of them and really I had to chuckle.....I think BM just feels so lost now that there is no one for her to target. I guess she is having a harder time letting me go , then ex DH. It's kinda funny.

I can not describe the joy and happiness I feel knowing this Xmas it will be me and my kids. No skids, no bullshit from BM, no spending ridiculous amounts of money on people who are vile and nasty, no me spending days cooking only to have skids turn their nose up at my meals and whine about they don't like what I cook. No more nasty bathrooms, smelly feet, candy stuck on my carpet. No more of my kids being subjected to skids and their rants about what their mom says about me and my kids. No more hearing ex DH complain about his ex or him being in a bad mood and taking it out on me. No more of me living someone else's life!!!!

I have freedom at last and it feels so good!!!!

I have had 2 of the 3 bathrooms totally gutted and remodeled, I've had the skids room cleaned out, their beds and matresses hauled to the dump along with anything they left here and bought a beautiful new bedroom set and mattress with a feminine comforter set. There is no trace that any of them were ever here including my ex DH. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a CLEAN, great smelling home again!!!

I will NEVER date a man with kids AGAIN!!! EVER!!!

It has been an expensive , stressful and painful lesson but one I will never forget.

I am just so thankful my parents raised me to never depend on a man financially and always have my own money.

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I am so happy for you and am glad that you are in a good place. I hope you and your children have a wonderful holiday and that it acts as a good jumbing point to your new life.

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WOO HOO!! So how long were you in StepHell? I've been in StepHell for over eight years now. Just waiting for the opportunity to make a clean break (when the housing market improves; Cain 2012!!)

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3 years in truly was HE'LL on earth!!!

Fortunately, the house I had years before I got with him. I'm sooooooo glad I never would put his name on the deed. ( he had asked me) but I saw no point to it. Why should he have been entitled to anything I had worked for years before I even met him.

Hope the housing situation gets better for you.

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GG's name is not on the deed and never will be. He's even wanted to get married so that the "house will automatically become his should something happen to me."

UMMM not a good reason to get married. Sounded like he was going to OFT me and take the house!!! Always wanting me to get life insurance so that the "house would be paid for should something happen to me."

It'll be a cold day in hell before he becomes THAT "kept."