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So, he talked with grandson...

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What is it with men? My husband is VERY intelligent, but when it comes to talking to SKs, he is a blubberer. LOL! He started to tell step GS that he (husband) is tired of all the family drama. I told him to speak to his ex, NOT the kid! He needs to tell her Parental Alienation Syndrome is child abuse! Why is he so afraid to confront her? I just don't get it! She is a very unhappy, miserble, elderly woman. She is hateful to the core. But, he will NOT confront her. She has always been greedy and told the kids when they were little that I "stole all their money". I have worked 2-3 jobs , at a time, to pay our bills all my life. I continue with 3 jobs now as a nurse practiitioner. The ex has been retired for a few years. 

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What do you imagine confronting her will do, other than make her mad and ramp up her alienation? She’s gotten this far with her worldview, she isn’t going to change it. If he wants to work on anyone it should be the grandson, but even there he’s not likely to make change until he’s older. 

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He has the security of you.  Which makes him even more of a coward than he would nearly as pathetically be.

If I were you, I would let him know to confront... or pack. He needs you far more than you need him. 

But that may just be me.

Good luck