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shoe on the other foot

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i have disabilty and my company let me go after my surgery. they gave all kinds of reasons to explain it away but it was clearly discrimination. i was the most senior member of my team.

i was very bitter and it hurt for a long time but sd would roll her eyes about it when i discussed it. she said she was sick of hearing about it and that i should move on. that might be true.

sd just had her baby and a few weeks later her boss told her that she did not have to come back after family leave. i know its illegal but they also gave reasons on why they let her go. she was recently promoted and also senior at her workplace.

we all know what pay back is. karma truck has hit again.

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Well, when she starts talking about it, simply roll your eyes and tell her you're sick of hearing about it.

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Ouch. Is she coming to you for sympathy? Asking advice?

And if it was true that you were to move on, the loving way to help someone through a time like that is to just be present and listen and encourage. She did none of that. I wonder how she feels now that the shoe is on the other foot? Does she recognize the similarity? Do you think she will apologize?

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"Does she recognize the similarity?" I'll bet if OP says she doesn't want to hear it that SD's situation will be somehow 'different'. Maybe this does not sound like 'taking the upper road' or 'being the adult', but I'd have a smirk on my face the next time I saw SD, and if she asked why I had a look on my face like the cat who caught the canary, I would say, "Don't know what you're talking about", and continue smirking. LOL

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sd always thinks she is special and never thinks any thing she does is wrong. in the past she was a really mean girl in college and other places she has worked. a co worker had to quit because of the mean actions spear headed by sd.

yes i am laughing to myself about the turn of events.

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I think that when she needs to vent about what happen you should point out what she told you so that she understands how cruel her words can be and that you did not forget what she told you. See it as teaching her lesson about her attitude.

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That is the best kind of KARMA.

Just sit back and enjoy. I would just smile at her and if she begins to discuss it, tell her "It sounds like what happened to me and I don't want to hear about it".


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So sorry to hear about your job, Sugarspice. I've been there and I completely understand how impossible it is to get over it. I'm glad your SD got some karmic justice. I'm still waiting for my SD to get hers.

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Sugar- I was given my papers whilst still having treatment for cancer. It was a challenge but I now have a job I really love. We score these small victories with skids. If you are still talking to her just say, 'Want to hear how I got over it?' She won't, so the conversation ends there...
My skids were never interested in my opinion on anything... now I give my advice to those who appreciate it.

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fairyo, so now sd is a new mother, her back side is getting bigger, she is cranky because she lost her job and is bored, and taking it out on her husband. what more can i ask for?