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She got accepted!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO's picture


Omg, this is the best news EVER!!!!! She got accepted and is moving into her new place December 1st!!!!!!

Thank you guys for crossing your fingers, I haven't felt this elated in a long time. I'm so freaking excited! I get my FDH and my daughter and our home all to ourselves!!!!!!!!!!



I could do the running man at work right now, I can hardly contain my excitement, I'm seriously about to burst!

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You have my sincere congrats and glad she's been accepted, but let's hope it really does happen; a lot can happen between now and Dec. 1. I don't know how many times I've gotten my hopes with with my adult SK's only to realize that nothing changed. Now once she ACTUALLY leaves - Smile

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THANK YOU JESUS! I know it's been a long haul for you Goin. After she moves out, you need to tell your DH in no uncertain terms that no adult skids will ever live w/ you ever,ever again. If one moves in again, you are P_E_A_C_E- O_U_T. Congrats.

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That is great news! HOpe you and DH and BD are very happy and enjoy your peaceful home! Take care.'s picture

Thank you all, She's already started packing Smile

I do know that alot can happen between now and then but the silver lining is she's alresdy in the emergency assistance system so if this place doesn't pan out she will be placed somewhere else!!!!

Still on cloud 9!!!!

Thank you all for your congrats and being happy for me Smile's picture

It's so hard, just this morning she was telling my daughter everyday she can hear us leaving the house and me telling my daughter to hurry up bc she makes me late for makes me so mad! But I would just be immature if I replied back with the fact that every saturday and sunday morning we egt woken up early bc of her and her kids. It's just not worth it. skids are so completly selfish and clueless.

We have discussed the fact that NO one will EVER live with us again and If you think I'm full of shit think again, I will move out before I go through this hell again.

Good luck, just know it's not permanent and the skids will leave one day..... :?