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No more alimony soon!

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We've heard through the grapevine that ex wife will be getting married soon which means no more alimony for my husband! I'm so excited that he won't have to pay her anymore and we can keep the money for ourselves now!

We still have had no contact with his kids or grandkids which he's finally accepting and is at peace with never seeing them again. Life is good!

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Be very quiet about this fact. There is a possibility she has forgotten, and if someone reminds her she might changer her marriage plans. For your sake, I hope she gets married quickly! I was so relieved when alimony finally ended. I didn't resent child support too much, but alimony really bothered me.

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When you confirm she is actually married, via official marriage license filing, cut her ass off.  Do not risk her backing out of her retread nuptials due to the end of her failed marriage payment income coming to an end.

Once BM is entirely irrelvant to you, your marriage, and your marital finances, your SKids and GSkids may just reengage with their dad.  Mommy will be married which gives your DH a talking point to leverage in any future interface with the StepSpawn.  It is self delusional for the Skidults to bash daddy and not mommy at that point.

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As nice as that would be for my husband, I don't see that happening. From what I was told the stepkids have embraced this new guy and have come up with a "grandpa" name for him 

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PASed Skidults aside, their toxic womb donor will be off of your marital payroll.  


Enjoy the raise, take in your face vacations and share on social, buy the in your face car and share on social media.  Invest it and gloat in private on your increasing wealth and investment account balances. Whatever is possible with the  finances no longer consumed by the payment plan for renting BM's past womb services. She will really be completely irrelevant to your marriage once alimony ends.  Though sadly she will always reperesent shallow and polluted gene pool toxicity to the Skids and GSkids.

Make it overt... and have fun!!!!!

Congratulations on the upcoming raise.


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I know that some alimony terms stop it even  if they just cohabitate with someone.. make sure you know the true technicalities.. because she could do a "symbolic" ceremony.. and if it's only legal marriage.. it might not stop!  or if it was just cohabitating.. it might should already have stopped.

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To lose alimon [e] y.   For love and being legally married. 

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If... people that toxic are actually capable of true love.

My guess on odds is... nope.  It will be only a matter of time before BM is looking for a retread marraige.... yet again.  Hipefully, this guy gets out without an alimony sentense.

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What this means is probably a "marriage/commitment ceremony" but no legal papers....

Trust me on this. I know of 2 cases where both women "married" for 20years with live in bf and collecting alimony + estate payments when the ex husbands died

Hope for you that she gets married legally

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committment ceremonies are really popular, get all the rings, attention and presents without giving up the alimony...

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BM1 has been married 3 times. The third husband died in the process of separation so she got to inherit his life insurance and some other monthly payments and benefits. She is guaranteed these benefits and payments as long as she does not remarry or die. Therefore, she has never remarried ever since. Before then, she used to be a serial "marrier" lol but after that, she just does these mock engagements and calls whoever is her live in bf at the time "husband". She also has been common law with 2 other guys and that allowed her to keep the payments/benefits in her case so common law still works if anyone is looking to continue collecting life insurance money/benefits from dead spouses estates