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OT gonna be a gramma

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My DD is expecting in December! WOO HOO! I have been buying up all I can (second hand) furniture, baby goodies etc.... I am so excited!
Any not too cheesy shower games I can do? I have never done one before... Actually I have never been to one! LOL


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Safety pins in dry rice, blind fold person hand them the bowl and let them dig
Drinking cranberry juice from a new born bottle (bloody hard to suck out that tiny hole)
Guess mom to be's wait circumference
Who can change a nappy the fastest on a baby sized doll, put chocolate mousse on the bum

There are so many if you google or pintrest.

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Love this, and I am just not a good Pinterest person, I have no idea how to navigate that darn site!

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I have been to my fair share of showers.

Chugging a baby bottle. (who can drink the most in like a minute) way harder than you think it will be.
Baby Bingo - The guests fill out their own sheet with items they thing the mom to be will get as gifts. As the mom opens the gifts the mark on their sheet till they get bingo. I won this one again been to way too many. This one was fun kept me more engaged in the whole opening gifts.

Theses next few are kind of cheesy
Toilet paper around the belly
Candy in the diaper, guests have to guess what the kind of candy bar it is.
You give everyone like a little bow clip, or you can do clothes pins. Every time someone catches someone else saying baby they take the pin. At the end of the party the person with the most pins wins a prize.

You can buy a bunch of plain white onesies and buy some markers and that puffy paint stuff for clothes and have eeryone decorate one for the new baby. It is kinda of fun.

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baby food in containers with no name, sheet with names of food, she has to guess then what fits

balloon full of water, cloth nappy, she must put nappy on the water filled balloon, with a sharp safety pin, blind folded

the worst thing I've ever seen... potty filled with flat mountain dew and pieces of chocolate in it, every time the poor mother to be got something wrong she had to drink from the potty

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When I hosted my youngest sister's shower we wanted things to keep people busy. Baby showers can be pretty boring sometimes. I had a couple stations set up.

Make a scrap book page-stickers, glue, card stock, markers, ect. -No pictures. She added pictures of the baby after she was born.

Make a shirt or bib for the baby. I bought plain shirts, onesies, and solid colored bibs. They decorated them with fabric markers and paints.

I also printed coloring sheets for the kids. It seems that people always bring kids to the showers with them is they have toddlers.

I bought 9 cheap baby bottles and a little ball so the kids could play baby bottle bowling.

Everything else we did has already been mentioned.