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IT IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We were awarded custody of my two skids last year (EXACTLY one year ago today) for their Mother's neglect and abuse. We filed an ex parte hearing and won! So now it is exactly one year later and we got told this morning that BM signed the paperwork finalizing this mess and we have permanent placement of BOTH stepkids. SD12 gets to choose when/if she see's BM and SS8 goes every other weekend and 4.5 weeks (broken up) in summer. She gets half of Xmas break and 5 days at Easter and every other Thanksgiving. THATS IT!!!!

So, on another note, it is NOT completely over, although custody is. We STILL pay support for the kids and she only has them 4-6 days a month. Stupid but we will work on that later. }:)

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"Work on that later" :?

Why wait?

I would nail the BMs neglectful ass to the wall for CS NOW.

Congrats on getting the Skids away from their toxic womb donor.

Best regards,

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Later because she doesn't work right now (part time) but she WILL be after she thinks she is in the clear. Wink So we already had her work records sent for through the courts, she does not know yet. lol BUT she will.

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She doesn't work?! What is that all about? How does she take care of the the kids when they visit her?

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Her DH works AND we pay support for the 4-6 days she has SS. she has seen SD12 ONE time in 6 months. So we used to pay $735 when the kids were first living with us and in Jan (almost a year after they came to live with us) support was lowered to still over $300 a month. Sick just sick. BUT that will be ending as soon as she is not expecting it. Wink

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Disgusting, isn't it? An old boyfriend of mine had a daughter from many years before and though the girl lived with her grandfather (due to her BM being a drug addict and a general loser and keeping her away from the father for many years so they barely knew each other, very young when she was born) and had visitation with her dad, he paid CS to the MOTHER who saw the girl maybe once or twice a year. It was so upsetting to see. It wasn't even as much as you are paying but it still made me livid.

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still paying support to kids you have full time? :jawdrop: i'd take that NOW and get reconsidered

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How the hell do these parents get their kids for weeks at a time when they lose them because of "abuse and neglect" ugh.

It drives me nuts.

If my XH was abusive or neglected DD, you can bet your ass I would be in a courtroom as long as I had to to get him supervised visitation only.

I'm glad your main court battle is over though - it's such a stressful thing to go through.

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If you're in NY, CA or MA, then the BM can be an AXE MURDERER and throw her kids out the window every day and retain custody.

AND on the EXTREMELY RARE occasion that the biodad gets custody, CS is often still paid to NCP biomom as "ransom money" in exchange for her not going back to court for custody again. Quite common.