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Custody Trial?

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Anyone familiar with what happens in a custody trial??? We are due to go to trial next month over custody of my stepkids.

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Depends on their ages and what state you are in. If they are older the judge my request to talk to the kids (in private).

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Well, we have custody. We filed for emergency custody a year ago this month. We won.
We have been to court 4 times in the last year, the kids were interviewed by a mediator, one wants to stay one wants to go back to BM. Judge doesn't care what the youngest wants, he is "only 8" according to the judge. Each time we have gone back to the judge the kids are doing better and better and the judge leaves kids with us. Now we go to trial.

I have no idea what to expect and I wonder if the judge will have a change of heart and send SS back to his BM. (I hope not)

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We've just started out custody battle. DH went with BMs 3rd husband to file for custody of BMs three children. Two are with DH and the youngest is with 3rd husband. This was back on April 15th.

We had a court date set for 5/23 and BM filed and won a continuence because "shes a teacher and couldn't take off from work". Whatever!

So now we have to wait until 6/30 to go. I as well have no idea what to expect out of this.

Halgsmom...have you asked your attorney what should be expected on your first trial date? If I may ask, why exactly are you going to trial now?

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Anyone have any suggestions on custody so that my life is less a mess, my ex is a asshole, never provides clothing or shoes, sandals for the kids, is always late and uses MY family to watch the kids when he's at work. He has a GF who doesn't have custody of her two little girls except for weekends..I'd like to have my kids in the week, to be less late on waiting on him on mornings he's supposed to drop them off, so they don't have to deal with the sadness of leaving one parent to another every three days.

We eat around a dinner table and eat meals. he doesn't. he feeds them tonys pizza, kid cusines, Mcdonalds and other junk. He has brought the kids over multiple times because he couldn't afford to pay the electric bill so they shut him off, in the summer and winter, his phone has been turned off also..he is struggling financially and I know that. But he wanted to keep the house and insisted on it. My son has also been hurt over at his house because I KNOW he's not watching them like he should.

He loves our kids but doesn't want to parent just be the playful one. He screams at them alot because they don't listen because he doesn't give boundaries.

He is rude to me, hangs up on me and insinuates I'm a dumb woman (he is burnt because I left HIM god forbid)

is there ANY chance anyone thinks I'd get custody? I'm tired of fighting, I'm tired of being insulted, I'm tired of providing everything proper for these kids except for health insurance thats his side.

ugh I hate this, he is such a child about EVERYTHING