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Anyone mediated and come to an agreement only to have one party back out and then still have to go to trial?  If so what was the outcome?  Is the party who backed out of the agreement at all "punished" or reprimanded during the trial?  

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This is not uncommon.   Though not formal mediation we did have the SpermClan back out of an agreement during the 16+ years we lived under my SS's Custody/Visitation/Support order.

The most frustrating thing about that crap is that prior negotiations are not submittable in court.  So, all of the crap they pulled during negotiations never went before the Judge.

Fortunately in our case their crap did not really help them and they had their asses handed to them in court.

For us... justice prevailed and their crap resulted in durable and painful consequences for them.

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We were told that it "looks bad" if one of the parties back out of a mediated agreement but what does that mean in the court room if there are no reprucussions?  Glad to hear your situation worked out.  

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BM's can do what they want, when they want to.

Doesnt look good only applies to men....or so it appears if men dont agree when what BM wants, then it's pooh poohed upon.

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We signed the parenting plan right there and passed to the judge the same day. So really no backing up was possible 

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YES this happend to DH....

Mediation only works when both parties are emotionally healthy.

Hopefully you wont experience 1 party write what they agree too in writing (their OWN handwriting) then  say they never wrote it.

I know someone that happened to.