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how to file for abandonment?

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Can we file abandonment on BM for not seeing her kids for over 1 1/2 years. ?????
All she does is call on the phone and recently sending money because I bugged the shit out of her to send money for and uniforms. SO has been taking of his boys without her help (parental or financial ) for 8 years. There is nothing legally.done. no court or custody order, no child support. She basically left them.with SO so she could live free of responsibilites. She lives in California we live in Illinois. How can we go about doing something legally so that my SO has rights so IF she actually decides to be a parent she can't just take them and then start to make him pay She is vindictive, and has been screwing the system government claiming she was a with 4 kids ( 2 younger ones from another man) had no job etc... she received public housing assistance, money and a food.stamps. she did not for.her boys to eat!!!! If you read my blog you know a fraction of what this woman is
capable.of doing. If we did anything legally she would as hard as possible.

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As far as I know there's no such thing as "abandonment" as in marital abandonment. However she could give up her parental rights. A hard sell, since most BMs eventually come out of the woodwork to claim credit for anything their children achieve. And they eventually fight for custody back which is pretty much instantly granted, even if the BM is an axe murderer, dripping with blood and has been away from the children since birth. And of course the golden ring of CS would go bye bye if she signed her rights away. . .and of course she knows this so she'd never put away that ace in a hole.

Try reversing the genders on that one. . .HA!! A good father who can prove the BM is a dangerous, neglectful menace has a slim to none chance of getting custody in the uber pro-golden uterus courts.