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Court or No Court? Please Opinions

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Custody is split 50/50 between bm and dh. this just was decided and agreed upon in may. with bm killing pedestrian while skid was with her do we go back to court for primary custody since she tried lying and covering up what happened? judge has her under contempt of court umbrella since she has twice made emergency motions for full custody over 1 me and 2 lying about drug overdose by dh. this costs us soooo much money.

do we let it slide and hold for ammo or jump on court to take primary legal custody away?


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Considering you do have 50/50 already, Im thinking Id be pissed but hold off on going for full. If you had EOW I think id feel differently. Make sure to always be documenting everything, even phone calls if your state allows.

I agree that the whole recent situation is very f*ed up but not sure if the whole thing would end her up in losing her 50%. Im guessing the final straw will come shortly.. what is your DH thinking?