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What is the liklihood of ex getting 50/50 with an infant?

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In a divorce, what are the chances of a judge granting 50/50 physical custody of an infant? I don't think an infant should spend 1 week with one parent and the next week with the other. Thoughts?? anyone been through this and willing to share the outcome? Will a judge likely offer every other weekend to dad?

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I woud say the chances of 50/50 with an infant are slim to none (not sure if this is a newborn we are talking about or not). I would also say eowe is slim to none. Look up your state guidelines for parenting time and see what they propose for visitation with age group. I believe in my state they recommend 3 visits a week for several hours each time. If I remember correctly the child has to be several years old before they grant an overnight.

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Can't say for sure. DH and BM divorced when SD was 2 and they put together some sort of weird schedule that had her bouncing back and forth between houses nearly every day. It was 50/50, and they said they did it because she was so young and this way she could see both parents regularly. The schedule stayed that way until she was 10, until it changed to one week with BM and one week with DH.

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If the parties can agree on something then they can choose any sort of custody or visitation schedule they want. My references were to my state guidelines which the majority of judges tend to go by if the parties can not cooperate.