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Well, the end...

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Has come.  The impasse was just too much.  We’ve thrown in the towel.  Wish me well, please.  

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Now the fear of an unknown future and the tears of personal failure (the things I could control, ie, pride, jealousy, worry) begins...

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I'm sorry to hear that but you have been unhappy for a long time.  It is going to be hard for a bit but you will come to the other side and find yourself much better off.  Don't hesitate to find a good attorney and a compassionate counselor.  Don't settle for less than you deserve and stand strong even when you don't feel strong inside.  Keep us in the loop.  We are here for you!

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Sorry.. even if its the best thing in the long run its still hard and it sucks. I'm in the same position... i just keep reminding myself I wasn't happy and from everything i read here that it would most likely just end up even harder with my particular circumstance.


vent if you need to. We are listening ..

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Here's to new beginnings!

A new chapter in your life. Live your best life darlin' and never look back!