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sd13 may have OD tonight....

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bm text me to say we needed to talk. i said fine come over. here is what she told me, after meeting sd at her freinds house 30min prior:

"sd took 20 triple-c's, smoked spice,and drank...all within the last hour. she is so f'd up right now. she needs rehab."


her answer? "im so upset, my heart is breaking"

dumb cunt.

ok so ten minutes later, sd walks in. her eyes were huge, pupils dialated, sweating, she was shaking, said her body felt numb, her breathing was messed up, she was tweakin, twitchin....said: "i need rehab, im going to die"

do u know that bm was WEIGHING PRO'S AND CONS OF TELLING BF?

her husband, dopey, turned into an actual intelligent human being.looks at me and says "go wake up ur fiance NOW before i do"

of COURSE i do, i never had a second thought on this one. BM was twidling her ugly thumbs, sd begging me, blocking me from getting to her father.....

woke him up, bm said sd just convulsed or went into shock for a second (can that happen?) so 911 it was, sd freaking out more.

they are at the hospital now. waiting for update from bf. i am home cause bd5 is sleeping...yeah she slept through ambulance siren, the lights flashin in the window, dogs barking, sd flippin out....god bless my child.

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Knocklehead spice is the 'fake' pot. and triple c's IDK.

I do hope that she is ok. poor thing and her mom is a pos b/c she should have had control over her kid!

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triple c is a cough depressant. it slows ur breathing to minimize cough during illness. if too many are taken at once, u stop breathing, and then most cases, death. spice is the fake pot that it not herbal at is alot of different chemicals mixed together....sometimes even battery acid.

update: she is stableized, on IV, charcol for the pills. still numb, still out of it....but alive and is expected to be ok for th most part. tox report will determine if she is there a number of hours tonight, or a number of days. no baker act, as this is considered an 'accidental od'....but rehab is in her future for sure.

yeah her mother is a piece of shit.

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I agree, her priority should be BD5, but op could be investigated for keeping her BD in that environment for 5 years.

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Once SD starts talking to the nurses and doctors (mandated reporters) about all the shit that happened this weekend, someone should call CPS.

If a call is made, they may pull all of the kids out of the home until they figure out what the hell is going on.

Dad knew she was calling around for moeny to buy drugs, yet he allowed her to remain at the friend's house. He's in bed asleep while is 13 year old child is out in the street doing God knows what.

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the police are involved. they showed up the same time the ambulance did. they questioned us about what happened. they went to the house she got the drugs from. an 18yr old was arrested cause he admitted to stealing the drugs from the store and giving them to sd. they are looking for a classmate of sd's cause he supplied the spice. so they are involved and yeah who knows cps may become involved. very well aware of the fact we fucked up. not proud at all.

and yes i am leaving this was established before last night. so way ahead of u there.

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Everyone makes mistakes... its what you do after what matters and what you learn from it