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Sarcastic Comments? Holding my tongue

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DH offered to redo SD10 room. She picked out a paint color. They started painting today. I helped DH clean up when he was done. I'm carrying the wet brush in the basement to wash out. Carefully holding it up so it doesn't drip. 


SD goes "What is that?"

Me: *Held brush up higher*

SD: "Oh, I see that it's a paint brush. I just didn't know what was on it?"

Me: "Um, paint."


Like, what? It was SO hard for me to not say a sarcastic comment. I honestly don't think she thinks about what she is going to say before she says it. You literally JUST painted for an hour and you don't recognize some of the supplies you used? Wow. Just wow. 

I've been pretty good about keeping interactions with SD to a minimum and disengaging. But this one was HARD.

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Lmao. I always hold my tongue when I hear the dumb comments but sometimes I just think if this was my own kid or my nieces or nephews i wouldn't feel the need the hold back. 

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Idiots. SD13 asks "daddy" where to plates are in our house every night at the same mother effing cabinet they have been in for the last 5 years.

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This is when those passive aggressive remarks come out. "look past your nose" "did someone move them? Oh, no? Then same spot" real fake nice voice! 

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My SD9 does the same type of thing. I think its becasue she wants me to do it for her and not make her get something herself. She asked me where we had printer to the printer where we always keep it? I told her it was in the bathtub. She got the hint,

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My SKid has a very dry sense of humour and is a smart ass. Just like his mother and me.  He still laughs over some of the dipshit moves he made in his teens and quotes some of the direct and dry responses he received when he asked stupid questions or did something dumb.

He was also raised with clear boundaries and standards and knew the limits for being a smart ass towards adults.

He is now 28 and he, his mom, and I have  great time together and when we have calls together.

Sarcastic responsis can be a great teaching tool to provide lessons on thinking before speaking, etc.......