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Ridiculous Requests

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So this is a little bit of a rant.

Basic background: BM has full legal (educational/medical) but physical custody is 50/50. We took her to court last fall for relief to send him to after school because she was fighting it. The judge ruled it was considered childcare and not educational therefore she couldn't stop us sending him on our weeks.

BM just filed an Emergency Motion against BD because she signed up SK for summer camps on our weeks this summer and we told her she can't do that because its childcare. She is claiming that since she signed him up for a science camp that it should be considered educational to fall under her legal decision. She is also claiming that limiting the locations he goes to will reduce his risk of being exposed to COVID-19 trying to also make it a medical decision. Seeing as camps have new kids every week, all camps are required to follow the same CDC guidelines AND SK is not considered "high risk" this is BS. ALSO the camps she signed him up for on our weeks he is waitlisted for.. So he may not even get in and then we'd have to scramble to figure it out with work.

She is also claiming financial hardship (which is BS because you don't pay to stay on the waitlist), stating she can't get that money back. Meanwhile she owes BD over $800.00 and is still fighting him to give her the entirety of the child portion of the stimulus check (they alternate tax years so he got the credit). He offered to credit her half of it towards what she owes and she ghosted on the issue. She is now over 90 days overdue to pay.

She also decided to include in the emergency motion that we are putting him in serious danger by giving him medication she hasn't approved of... a children's gummy multivitamin... It has no overlap with his other medication. She tried to tell us that the doctor said he could OD on them but when BD contacted the doctor directly they told us it was perfectly safe. 

She is trying to get the court to give her the ability to overrule and enforce any and all decisions. Even those outside of her scope. Seeing as courts are still closed we have to file a motion to dismiss and hope that they aren't lazy and just grant her what she wants. 

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Yes, this is a standard alienation tactic - keep the kid away from the other parent as much as possible, BM here used it very successfully.  Hope the court doesn't grant it.

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The bit about sending ss to science camp to minimize his risk of contracting covid is bs and laughable because if she wanted to minimize the risk, they would be in a complete lockdown!!

my husbands exwife sued and re-sued for multiple shit that she was all over the place you didn’t know what she specifically wanted.. her lawyer was a dumbass. Her tactic was just to harass hubby. Even got a court clerk to stamp a motion she filed with courts to make it look like a judge signed off that hubby had to have his workplace pay half of his salary to her and half of his retirement/superannuation money from each paycheck to her... 

crazy butch was mental and hubby was a snr vp at his company and told head of hr if they paid that crazy bitch even a cent, they’d be hearing from his lawyers. They didn’t cross hubby and disregarded that letter.

desperate women like this go to desperate measures and don’t see how crazy they are

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She tried telling you the doctor said he can OD on a gummy multi vitamin...

What planet do these BMs come from? 

Hopefully the court sees this as a waste of time. 



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First thing I will say is stop telling BM so much info. Why does she even know he is taking a vitamin??  Secondly, never offer her half of anything.  Stick to the court order.  You claimed him, you got the stimulus check.  She owes you money, take her to court for it.   And finally, if it is your time, she cannot schedule activities.   Let her schedule them, and just don't take him to camp.  She will have waisted her money.  No need to argue about it, just don't take him.   She will lose her mind but after a few times of losing her money she may stop planning things on your time.   
HCBMs means little communication as possible.   Don't argue, just ignore her rants and do what you are planning on YOUR time.

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BM here always won those fights though - she'd say that SS wanted to go to science camp in court, and SS would of course agree with anything she told him to agree with, and then DH would look like the big meanie who just wanted to get back at BM if he didn't allow him to go to science camp. Hopefully OP's BM is not as good at it as BM here was.

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She will continue to pull this bull sh*t for ever.  There is no science type program by your home ?  I am sure BM is telling SK how great camp will be.  Play with rockets ect.  

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SK wants to go to our camp. Her argument was that since it was a science camp it should be considered educational and not childcare so that she could trump us with her legal custody.

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He may be telling BM he wants to go to science camp, and telling you guys he wants to go to yours. Kids caught in the middle like this often do that.

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Thats definitely true. But he said this during a call he made to us that she was eavesdropping on and commenting during.

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Vitamins are a food product not a medication. Feeding the Skids on your time BM has zero say over.  If the FDA does not regulate vitamins as a medication, they are not legally a medication.  All of this is a great example of BM's PASing manipulative intrusive crap regarding DH's time with his prior relationship genetic experiment perpetrated with BM.  DH made a crappy decision in mates. The Skid will suffer for that poor decision his entire life.

Camp occurs during non school hours and as such... IS NOT SCHOOL! This BM is a dipshit. Dad can put Skid in any activities he chooses on his time and BM gets zero say.  He needs to make that a hill to die on going forward and smack the crap out of BM for interfering any time she interferes. Figuratively of course.  His position should be that she is interfering in his time with all of this manipulative crap and that she gets no say in his home, family and on his time with his kid.

However, you never know what irrational crap you will get out of the bottom 10%ers of the legal profession morons in the stupid Harry Potter robes slinging the goofy wooden Fisher-Price toy hammers in court.

Good luck.

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Bizarrely, I had to be careful which multivitamins I gave my son when he was little because he suffered nosebleeds. He could have standard ones, but I remember ones with certain fish oils can aggravate some conditions.... nosebleeds being one of them. 


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That's what SOs lawyer told my SO to tell the HCBM over here.  He was to use that line for all her attempts at interference by scheduling a ton of activities for his 3 kids or whatever other nonsense she came up with. 

Then, he could do as he wanted.  If he couldn't get them to multiple practices over an hour away, he would just let the coach know.  We had other plans than something she signed them up for, often without telling him until the last minute?  He used that line and did his own thing.  

BM was really just looking for a fight.  As he got better at ignoring her BS, it eventually got easier.  She had some world class freak outs when he didn't take them to things she signed up for, but let's face it - she freaked out anyway all the time.  Heck the kids are teens and she regularly freaks out still.  The kids literally just laugh at her to her face because she is so ridiculous (and no he doesnt encourage the kids behavior but certainly understands!)

So have a noncommittal answer ready, then do what you want.