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that is what Bm is. she basically only has EOW since she lost custody a few months ago. And now she does not get CS. SO why on earth would see want to even talk or see her daughter??????????? YA you guessed it,,,,,not.

ITS ALL about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Since she lost custody (because she is a drug addict POS) she never hardley ever calls or sees her daughter. NICE

This piss's me off to no end! Mainly because her daughter is a good kid and deserves better and secondly I could use a break every now and then.

Ok you are thinking mom has a problem give her some slack, Well i have done that time and time agian . DONE WITH THAT. DONE

AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED IM THE MOM NOW.........SHE IS NOT, IM DONE!!!!! THIS child needs a mother figure and i have stepped aside for the sake of mother daughter and im not doing it any more.,IM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm not sure which is worse. Having a crack head BM that wants to be a part of the skids' life or one that doesn't.

I think it's less worry on my part if the skids didn't see their mother at all when she's using. If your BM's on drugs, count your blessings that she's not keeping SD with her in an unsafe environment.

If I remember correctly, you've gone out of your way to get BM involved in her child's life. I commend you on your efforts. You're a better person than I. I know it's heartbreaking, but I probably would have done everything in my power to avoid such a toxic mess.

You're right, there is no need for you to "step" aside. Mother that little girl to the best of your ability because you are all she's got for a mother right now.

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smokes meth and does Lord knows what else. Her boyfriend has a warrant out for his arrest in another county. My nephew lives with my mother and he doesn't want to have anything to do with his mom. The cops know where he is but do they pick him up? That little podunk town is like Deliverance...can't trust the cops, either. They think the universe begins and ends at the county borders.

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I am Dad to his oldest and SpermGranMa is Dad to the other three (the younger three are so screwed). All four of his out-of-wedlock spawn have learned to deal with being let down by him. They are all fiercly loyal to him because he is the fun guy that rides in on his white horse periodically and takes them to do something "really fun" but they all wilt over and over when he does not do what he says he will do.

Poor kids.

Good thing many kids with unreliable bio parents have Sparents. Thats what we do. Pick up the pieces and put broken kids back together.

We are so evil!

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I can't agrgue the fact a crack head/ drug addict mother is anything good or able to parent as I'm sure she isn't... I would still let her see the kid (s) but only SUPERVIDED and on on some major holidays for a few hours.

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If BM wants to be a complete loser then that is her problem - I wouldn't cut her any slack - she chooses to life the life that she wants and she doesn't deserve to even see that child until she cleans up her act and can prove to you guys that she is even fit to spend anytime with her. People like that make me sick. Kids do not need to be around someone that is addicted to drugs.