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O/T. Is this coworker RUDE?!

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Just started a new job and have been at my desk for a week now.  Important note is I am a short term employee and will not be a  permanent hire - thus I am not a threat to anyone's job.

The guy sitting in the cube next to me has not been friendly or welcoming at all.  I've said good morning, good night and he barely responds.  He keeps his headset on all day, listening/watching movies so you can't have a conversation with him.

Today, he walked over to my cube without saying anything and started opening my desk drawers, including the one next to me that has my purse and other belongings!  When I asked if I could help him, he opened another drawer and took out a bottle of hand sanitizer (left by previous occupant, I guess) and said he was taking it.

Is this rude or am I overly sensitive as the "new" person?  Everyone else seems pretty friendly except this knucklehead.


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Super rude. Is there a place where you can lock up your personal stuff? He might not steal your purse, but he sounds weird enough to look through it.

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That is rude.

I guess he feels he can do that, since you are temporary, but you work there now and that is your desk for the duration of your employment.

Maybe fill all of the drawers with tampons and maxi pads for the next time he wants to rummage around.


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Don't forget RID treatment for crabs...

I'd also like to suggest a blindfold and ball gag..... Diablo

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Maybe I should do a combination of all of them - and include some Depends, find some grungy false teeth, old socks.  Hell, maybe I should just load up a RAT TRAP and put a piece of tissue over it!  *diablo*

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Were you using the hand sanitizer????   I can return it if it's that big of a deal and I'm not rude I'm just really into my movies ( Just Kidding, he's a creep )   lol

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What kind of "professional" comes into the office and doesn't even speak to people when he is spoken to??

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That is bloody rude!!! Hereiam has the perfect idea.

As for crap left by the previous occupant. Put it all on Mr. Nosy's desk. Better yet, just start opening HIS drawers and placing crap in there at random.

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stand in front of him and say "did you need something". He's a rude jerkface and needs to know you won't run out of his way. I can't stand people like this they are the "silent" bullies.

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He's probably a poor COD and doesn't know any better. You need to approach him when *he's* ready to discuss it. And if he still wants to do it, you need to let him because you don't want to hurt his feelings.

Perhaps he's upset the other permanent employee is gone and he's hoping he/she will come back and they can be one big happy company again.


[/end sarcasm]

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Tell your supervisor that he has made you uncomfortable and how you spoke to him several times and he barely acknowledges you.  Tell your sup he opened your drawers and did not ask permission.  Ask her if you should tell her if it happens again because you'd be glad to move the contents into his area rather than be treated like that.  Now it's in her ball court to handle.  She should know this because he may be the reason the person before you left. It isn't acceptable to treat coworkers that way.  


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Rude!  You should have smacked his hand, gotten loud and told him to GTFO of your cube and to not come back unless he asked and was granted permission.