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Oh I soooo called that one!!!

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I just have to gloat and bask in what I told DH was goig to happen. SD 19 1/2 (who made our lives miserable and hasnt lived with us in over a year) is just so damn predictable but daddy is still gullable and tries to give her the benefit of the doubt and wont hop off the roller coaster of lies and manipulation. She says that she got a new job (8th one in a year)and is finally going to go to college and makes a big deal about it and convinces daddy that she is changing her ways. I told DH that we are not fronting the money for school because she never stays with anything or anyone or any job for more than a couple of months and I was not going to just throw away our money and she would need to get a loan or something. DH agreed to what I said and told her she needed to get a loan. She enrolled in school in the same classes as her new bff (she always mimics whatever the new person in her life does and I think she lied on her grant/loan appliation to get money).
Well, its been exactly two months and 1 week and guess what!!???? Shes been fired from her job and dropped out of school (Of course she had some stupid lies that she told DH). Boy did I call that one! I feel so good to have finally separated myself from her lies and crap and now I just sit back and watch the nonsense repeat itself over and over again. DH is being very quiet and I can see that tail between his legs because he knows he fed into the lies once again. Oh, and she moved back in with her loser mother who she is exactly like ;but I dont care this time around because she is further away from us. Maybe at some point after getting burned and lied to over and over again (as if a thousand times isnt enough???), DH will open his eyes and see her for what she is.

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This used to happen between us ALL the time with sd21 over the years..... I have already mentioned it kinds of falls into some sick repetative dance. You know sd lies and lies, is called out on it, is punished, sd starts up again, I used to voice my concerns to DH and " warn" him where we were heading again,sd lies and lies, is called out on it, etc, etc.

EVERYTIME it happened DH was always surprised..... WTF ??!! Sd21 hate, hate, hated that I knew her so well !! I used to think she had some kind of amazing bullsh** cloak, because I was the only one who could see through it ??

We found a simple solution, sd21 could no longer live with us, and DH has on only semi rose tinted glasses now..... It's been a tough old road over the years, and I will never be put in that position again. I'm hoping your DH stays in the " light "

I am now disengaged , but when situations come up with sd21 , as they still do, she's only living in another country..... Not another universe ( unfortuntely ) I can still read her like a book, and although I no longer share my thoughts with DH ( well, I manage not to, maybe 8 times out of 10! Lol !!) I just sit back and watch it all unfold, except I am the wallflower now, I don't dance to HER tune !!

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Forgot to mention, my sd21 also did and DOES the mimicing thing !! Usually, it is done to fit in with the latest sap bf and their unsuspecting family, we've been through it with at least 4 of them in the last 6 years......

She is a Mythomaniac, so it's been really bad, even with one set of parents EVEN asking if sd21's name was real, because every single thing she had told them wasn't..... :jawdrop:

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Yeah SD doesnt have anything to do with me anymore because she knows that I dont buy it. Everytime I caught her in a lie she would give me that look like "you bitch".
She changes identities constantly depending on who she is hanging out with at the moment. And there is no boundries to what she will do. She has done some of the nastiest low life things. I always want to try and convince DH that she is lying and that the situation is not what she paints it to be but this time I figured I would let history repeat itself like it alwys does and BAM same crap oiver and over. I'm so glad I finally have hopped off the crazy bus. Just keep hoping DH will follow someday. I think right now he is feeling stupid. Its sooo hard not to rub it in.

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OMG !! KDD..... Were our sds seperated at birth ??? Lol !!

I hated seeing DH so upset, some of the stuff she told people about him had him almost throwing up.... It was that bad.......

Nothing was left out and I often found it amazing that people actually believed her, at 16 /17/18 whatever age she was at the time, that she had miscarried, had been hospitalized, had awful illnessses, was physically and mentally abused by DH ( NOT TRUE !! ) had lived in numerous countries, travelled, etc. WTF !!!!

I know it is still going on TODAY...... When DH stops paying for the education which ends in less than 16 months, I am hoping he will emotionally move on from sd21 and let her go.....until then sd21 is just digging herself deeper and deeper in...... I watch my own back and DH's but that's it now.....and it isn't going to change ever !!!

Love your quote about hopping off the crazy bus !!!

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The copying others is not surprising; a sign of someone who has had no personal boundaries and structure in life, therefore they lack confidence in their own abilities. At some point the real world has conveyed the message that "no, you DON'T walk on water." Particularly hard to swallow for these non-parented-into-sociopath types.

So they become chameleons because now they really DON'T like who they are.

If you have been raised on instant gratification you are never happy with yourself or anything or anyone having never accomplished anything INDIVIDUALLY by HARD WORK.

If you have been told you are "WONDERFUL" and can "DO NO WRONG" when reality hits you, you start trying to escape YOURSELF.

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I can see VD doing this. GG always said "VD is going to be a HARD WORKER just like MEEEEE!"

Um see my recent blog on VD's horrendous grades due to a complete lack of work ethic.

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Too funny, Mustang1 !!

Sd21 KNOWS even a few hours a week job will interfer with her fake lives on the Internet !!! She has not worked even a proper part time job ever in the last 6 years ( part time I am thinking is like what 15/ 20 hours per week ??) She gets 6 months off per year, she has student loans and DH giving the odd money AND paying for her rent, etc.

Am I really the only one wondering what this will lead to ??? Really ?? An adult not knowing how to budget, because the money isn't real.... Didn't work for it, easy to get, spin a sob story, etc results in cash !!! Finishing education, and out in the real World , and HAVING to get a job.... GASP !! Life costs money... GASP!!

I swear if the sd21, who by then will be 23, tries to spew out the word DADDY !! For more cash !!
I will be spewing out two little words of my own right into her face , seriously, sd......F** k Y* u !!!