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a little o/t, but missing class partly due to sd and bf

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teacher planning day for my daughters school today. bf worked last night. i have class at 1230. last night there was a big fiasco and bf only got 2hrs of sleep before working all night. he came home and half joking said that it was nice of me to miss my class because he is too tired to watch bd5 while im in class for 2hrs.


we would never let sd babysit. bitch isnt even home right now. but we'd never let her babysit.

i have no one else. friends are at work, with their kids either old enough to be home alone or in a daycare type place. my mother is a teacher so obviously she is at school planning.

im so pissed cause had the bullshit from last night NOT happened with sd, then bf would have gotten the 7hr nap before work, allowing him to be able to be up till 2pm today and watch bd5.

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You're really going to miss class so that he can sleep?

How far away is the school?

Can't he sleep until it is time for you to leave then go back to bed once you return?

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he wont freakin wake up! good thing my teacher is understanding and i have an A in that class....smh....ill remember this the next time sd needs something and he's too 'tired' to do it...I will be too tired then. >.<