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Deja vu, not for you!

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I previously posted BM has told the court that she needs BF to make amends and apologize for “his past behavior.”

BF apologized for “how things went down” and he hoped they could co-parent for the sake of SS. She was rude and said how she hopes he can “step up and be a man” and “stop choosing wh+res over your son.” Yet it’s okay to sleep and run off with a married man and leave your son with your ex I guess……Deflect much??????????????????

His lawyer said, “Wow, what a b*%ch.”

Remember when BM/SS kept telling BF to dump me or he would never see SS again? Then she showed up at the school on his day, told him he can’t get SS, he refused to leave, stating it was his day and he would be getting his son.  SS was in the middle of them telling him to leave.  BM pushed him and called police and had him arrested? Now time for Deja vu……

BF went to pick up SS Monday at school.  SS said “Why are you here? Mom sent you a text” BF then received a text from BM that “SS doesn’t want to go with you today so I will be getting him at school…I’m on my way” 

BF left had police file a report called police, had a report done and sent lawyers email.  I think BM was trying to get him arrested again.    

I told him that since he apologized she probably thinks she is back in control.  He agreed…I’m glad he learned and called police instead of her getting him arrested again.  She’s so stupid!

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Wow good on him to turn the tables around. What a looney. I'm guessing this is one more thing to be added to the court file of things that will look absolutely horrible on her part.

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Why would he get arrested? Do they not have any court order? 

If that is the case he has as much rights as her to pick up the child. If they do have an order, and he was following it- he is following a court order. He doesn't have to bow down to BM's whims and children don't get to decide visitation.

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They do have a court order but she no longer follows it, as BM states that "SS doesn't want to see you today."  She had him arrested last time when she showed up at the school on his day and said she was taking him. She told the police he shoved her, but she shoved him.  SS was there but BM refused to let police interview him.

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He is going for full custody, hoping for joint.  The judge told BF, “I never tell people to do this, but once you get a new custody agreement, I think it would be in your best interest to show SS the agreement as he will know the truth and know exactly what the court has decided.”  

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Is she going to come after you and your job again next?  Him apologizing was the equivalent of if he had crawled back to her on his hands and knees begging.   She’s not going to stop, the courts won’t stop her and she will keep finding new and inventive ways to torture him and you.  Are you and your SO making any plans of ever marrying or having kids of your own?  You might want to talk about what that looks like with an unstable third party factored into all of it and knowing the law and courts won’t be on your side. 

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She was told by judge #1, Judge #2 and her lawyer to leave me alone as I am no part of the custody battle.  

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These are things that YOU should consider...clearly your bf is not giving a crap how this all affects you (sorry if that feels harsh).

Seriously? Do you want kids of your own? Do you think it would be good idea to have them subjected to this (they will be)? Sometimes life brings us hard choices. 

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For any reason.

Keep their noses firmly scrubbed into the stench of their shit stained lives. And for damned sure, never let a kid over step their place.  

Haul BM's ass to court over and over and over again while SS sees mommy in tears from having the Judge repeatedly put his gavel up her ass. Figuratively of course.


The SpermGrandHag in our blended world tried to dominate, manipulatve, etc.....  It took a while for my DW to go toe to toe with her.  Once DW figured out that being reasonable with the Hag just empowered more Haggy bullshit it was game on for the rest of the 16+ years we managed the toxic SpermClan under the CO. So, it was destroy evil from there on out.  It drove questions from SS. Which gave us a reason to introduce SS to the full comprehensive facts. Arrest records, details of the CO, court reporter records, Private Investigator records, did I mention Arrest records, SpermGrandPa's other family from his decades long cheating, etc, etc, etc......  Those facts increasingly grew SS's confidence and eventually he started calling the SpermClan on their lies and bullshit in real time.  Not disrespectfully. that is not how his mom and I raised him.  He would directly say 'That is not what the court records say.' Or, 'Why do you lie to your kids saying  you have never been married. I have seen the divorce court order.', etc...... 'But Gramma, there is no way that $133/mo in CS could buy our new (house, cars, etc...).' and my favorite 'Gramma, why do you and Grampa pay the CS that my dad is supposed to pay?'

They would lose their Flea brain sized minds when SS started playing the facts rather than responding emotionally to their lies and manipulations.

When you bare their asses, they tend to crawl under the slime covered rock at the bottom of their shallow and polluted gene pool and .... stay there. As long as we remove the benefit they get for being toxic.

Pain overwhelms that benefit. So, bring the pain and keep it escalating until the Skids age out from under the CO and the choice to engage the toxic or disown the toxic is their own.

IMHO of course.

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I agree with a previous comment.

Why was he arrested? I've dealt with court orders in multiple states due to having stepkids and adopted kids and there is never a reason for him to be arrested if he was following a court order. Even if there is not a court order in place it is a last resort to cuff a birth parent on school grounds.

I really wish you the best of luck because this is a high-drama situation. If they don't have a court order in place they need to get one. It sucks but I have dealt with high-drama bio parents and I relied on those court orders to keep them accountable. 

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What happened???????? What grounds did they have?

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a few years ago, BM told BF that he was no longer allowed to see SS.  BM stated that he will only see SS if he left me; as it is too risky due to me being a nurse and Coronavirus.  BF went to get SS from school (On his court ordered day) and BM showed up and told him to leave as he is no longer to see SS because he had not left me (SS was there crying and telling BF to leave).  BM attacked him and he got arrested.   She told police he "Shoved" her; where in fact she shoved him.  SS saw the whole thing but BM refused to let police interview him, as "he's been through so much, he hates his father, he wants to know why his father is a loser who chooses wh+ores over him"

She also told police that the reason he "shoved her" was because she was trying to warn him that I am stealing drugs from my patients at work.

SS told GAL that the reason why he refused to see his dad is because "My mom told me to."  She was all gung ho to get the GAL now states that GAL is a joke.....

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You have a Judge advising to give SS the CO. Give him every fact including every fact that exposes the lies of his toxic womb donor and forces SS to know and see the truth.

Facts are neither good nor bad. They are merely facts. And combined with the CO they are the best most effective tool/weapon for destroying a toxic blended family opposition and when used effectively may just rescue a Skid being destroyed by the shalllow and polluted end of their own gene pool.


Bare her ass, call the police, have cameras on BM every second she is present where DH or you are so when she shoves someone, she will be frog marched off in cuffs to the squad car. SS needs to see that. He knows his mother is a lying POS and he needs to see her get her comeuppance.

IMHO of course.

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When she was showing up years ago unnannounced spewing her rhetoric.  Screaming.  Ordering him to dump me with SS in tow saying that if he didn't dump me, SS would call me and do it for him. 

I told BF to call the police and have her arrested.  He said he would not have his son watch his mother getting arrested.  So she did it to him..  Oh, well...Live and learn I guess.