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BM refusing to pay court ordered child support please help

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Long story short...DH won legal/Physical custody of SS June 2023 and BM was ordered to pay child support by Garnishment starting the end of June 2023.

As of Sep 10 2023 DH STILL has not received a dime. Yes we contacted child support collection and they told DH BM has not sent anything in yet AND for DH to email BM asking her to. WHAT!?!?! I thought it was support collection Responsibility to follow up with the court order???? Why are they telling DH to follow up with BM like why is it DH responsibility and two like BM is going to do anything DH asks. The reason DH is having child support Garnished is BM would never Willingly pay without a fight. 

BM was in court and heard the judges ruling so it's Obvious BM is just being a bitch and not following though. The question is WHY is support collections not doing anything? Lazy? 

It's been almost 3 months and according to support collections BM has not provided them  with her information for Garnishment. What can we do to get this moving on???? 

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Does he know where she works?  maybe he could send the paperwork to her work?

Otherwise.. maybe the collections is supposed to give someone an amount of time before they file against an employer?

or you could provide them with the employer info for them to file?

otherwise.. maybe try to talk to a supervisor or manager at the collection office.. I would think if there was a garnishment order it is because BM is not willingly paying to begin with.

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My DH pays CS via check garnishment. It occurs that way in almost every case in our particular county. 

Usually, the courts demand the name of your employer in court while they are drafting the CO. My DH always had to provide it and the courts mailed a copy of the CO directly to the employer. There was no way to "get around" paying CS if it was garnished. Did the courts collect that information from BM? If not, do you know where she works? If not, my guess would be to file contempt of court for not following the order. 

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Is it possible she supplied false information concerning her place of work? You can't garnish the wages of someone who doesn't work where she says she does ...

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Goodluck... the BM was ordered to pay my DH also that was over 8 months ago and we have not seen a dime
She lives off of welfare and has never worked a day in her life so I doubt we will ever see anything ourselves. 

they claim they garnish anything with her name on it and flag them for jail time after so long in some states but I've yet to see that happen! 

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Keep calling the government.  The people who make the most fuss get the first attention 

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It's because she's the mom.  My husband knew of a guy who had custody of his daughter.  Her mother was ordered to pay child support and she didn't.  He went to child support enforcement and they told him "this building is for women".  In other words, they weren't going to help him.  

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Give the courts the appropriate info for her job. Support enforcement is trying to pass the buck on doing their job. As you know the government takes FOREVER to do anything but paperwork goes to the employer & they are required to fill it out & send it back to support enforcement (or they face fines). Just remember that from the stamp date of order she owes $$ and they will start adding it up so it isn't like it's going away, it's just piling on as back support. They often times will take her tax returns & pass them along to you if she owes unpaid back support as well. My ex works for support enforcement & the stories are endless of what POS people are in the system. The government literally ties his hands on what he can do to find people, of course they do, and the rules are a little different in each state. 

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We did this when Spermidiot refused service by the USPO, and then physically ran from the Constable who was serving him with response demands from the DA's office.

The DA raised his CS by 600% then implemented direct payroll withholding. When the dumbass got his first $zero dollar paycheck he came screamingh in to court to try to get his CS increase revoked.  

Because of his disphitiot moves to avoid the CS review.  That resulted in a CS review hearing with an Admin Law Judge.  The Judge upheld the 600% CS increase back to the date that the DA invoked the increase to which resulted in two years of CS at the 600% increase then it reset to a 300% increase where it stayed until SS aged out from under the CO on his 18th B-day.  Direc payroll withholding of CS reas continued for the last 7yrs of CS.

That ended any money drama since direct payroll withholding ended the micro payments of CS that the SpermClan had been making to the CSE office resulting in DW often not receiving the CS in a monthly lumpsum payment due to the manipulations and partial payments that the SpermClan were paying as a maniplation tactic.  

Take as much play out of the machine as you can. Go for direct payroll withholding ASAP.

Whether you are the CP side or the NCP side, direct withholding of CS from the NCP's paycheck is a huge reduction in drama. It insulates the CP from the machinations of a deadbeat NCP or maniplations of a toxic NCP, and it insualtes the NCP from a PASing money grubbing manipulating CP.

iIMHO of course.

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The wheels of CSE grind very, very slowly. The only thing I have to add is that while I understand it's terribly frustrating, caution your SO to be VERY polite with CSE workers. BM1 used to call and scream at them when her cs was late (DH had the same job forever, same deduction and garnishment order on record so it clearly was a problem on CSE's end), and to no surprise the cs payments got held up even longer. BM once went eight months with no cs, even though the money was deducted from DH's pay. Evidently she pissed off the wrong people at CSE.

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I work with this at work. I get a document from the Child Support Services, I scan and email to our payroll company then I pay the garnishment to the dissbursement office that is detailed.

Its all very organized. However I dont know the time lags and why its not more automated in your county. I dont know how the entire process works the point between where judgement ends and Income Withholding order is sent.

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The court or your DH needs to get the court order to her employer.  The employer, legally, has to start garnishing her wages.  If you are curious, ask me how I know:-)

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That way, when it is ordered and it likely will be ordered, any income she gets from work or entitlement benefits will be garnished for her CS obligation and then routed through your State's CSE office for distribution to your DH.

No more waiting, no more BM bullshit, and no more need to worry about it. She can cry and whine all she wants but short of quiting work or abandoning any entitlement benefit payments she is getting there won't be anything she can do about it and your household gets your money.

We had to do both when the Spermidiot ran from the process server and the Constable to avoid the CS review hearing.  For years the SpermClan dribbled the CS to the CSE in partial payments and we would get as many as 3-5 partial payments a month, often some of it lacking by a month or more.  When he got hit  with first $0.00 pay check after direct withholding was invoked he came screaming into court to try to get direct payroll withholding stopped. Nope. It did not stop for 7 years until  SS-31 aged out from under the CO when he turned 18.

No quarter, Go for BM's throat. If worked for us with the Spermidiot.

Good luck.

Have fun!!!