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Has anyone read the book "Stepwives, 10 steps to help ex wives and step mothers end the struggle and put the kids first" and put it to use, with positive results? I read it, but it seems far fetched, especially since BM and I are not on speaking terms.

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Hmmm, I don't have a reason to put anyone else's kids first, so I wouldn't read a book like that. Sounds...strange...

And if I were to put DH's kids first, I would work with DH, not BM. I have nothing to do with her, and that works for us.

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It's about letting go of the feud; it makes some valid points, and it's from the POV of SM with no kids of her own, like me, and BM. But it involves being a team. Sketchy.

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I wish me and BM could get along. But I'm the 5 month late homewrecker.
Sorry about karma. Such a jerk. Haha