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don't know what to do.

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what do you do if you Love your Wife and child but hate coming home. Our house is a mess EVERYDAY. I clean the kitchen the next day it's trashed.Plates everywhere,dirty pans, trash.I have a day off and clean my dauters bedroom,next day you can't walk on her floor.Every room in the house is trashed.My wife is not a good housekeeper and doesn't tell her kids or our own to pick up. i try but it does no good.Step daughter(17) was home sick yesterday and she slept on our livingroom couch. there were dirty snot tissues and plates all over the coffee table in front of couch. I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate coming home to a dirty house. We can't have an friends over because the house is embarassing.

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Is your wife a SAHM or does she work? Ugh...this is what my DH complained about with his first wife. It drove him nuts.

Have you talked to her about this problem before?

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I know how you feel. My house is like that most of the time cause my dh and son are like this. I clean my sons room, next hour, you can't walk in it...rrrrr...this weekend, i'm packing toys!!! The small......and i keep washing and washing...and my dh just piles them on!
I have to just walk away sometimes, tell him off at times and just limit the mess to two areas of the house. i guard the living room with a passion for guests!!!
i know how you feel. Your wife is just not a good housekeeper but its time to have a family meeting on this. Tell kids to limit their mess in their rooms where the door can be closed off.! Simple rule, kitchen , living room is off limits for dirt. Period. Tell your wife you expect the kitchen and living room to be clean. Private bedrooms are private and can be closed off andtake your time cleanign them.
Its not unjustified to ask for that.
I'm not a sahm, i just can't stand mess...noteven at work. That's just my personality.
How about after the meeting, you all as a group clean the place. do it as a group and then go out for a treat???

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Ewwwww man! That's some nasty as$ shi#...I feel bad for you. Sounds like what my husband went thru w/ his ex-wife.

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okay I can feel you on this one.... I have two step kids that come to our house everyday after school..they are with us every other week as well... they have got to be the laziest kids in the world. I'm ocd and it rubs off on my daughter. those kids leave wrappers on the counters, cups everywhere food on the couch, blankets on the couch.. I get sick and tired of washing - the boy has dried up dog poo in his room upstairs it is ridiculous. I will leave a chore list for them to do when they get home... if it's not their week at our house even though they are thery every afternoon they will NOT pick up after themselves...