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Darling Husband...

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I love my husband. We fit together well most of the time. However, there are times where I don't think Darling husband really fits it. Sometimes there are other choice words that I would like to use to call him. He spent 9 years being single living with his son, just the two of them. No women except my MIL that has really had much influence. So when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and the toilet seat wasn't put up I know who it was. Or when there is trash left all over the house I do not want to call him darling husband.

However the cake topper was this morning when he opened the fridge and the coffee creamer was on the second shelf instead of the first shelf. He then proceeded to tell my how unorganized I am sometimes and how some things need to change. Then he yelled at me for not screwing the top on the pop bottles all the way.... So, for my darling husband I made sure I picked up all his dirty clothes and trash from around the house and put it on his side of the bed, and his side of the couch. I left the coffee creamer on the counter along with all the pop bottles with no tops on them. I also got one of those child locks to make sure that the seat stays down on the toilet.

Darling husband my butt!


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haha laugh away... Its the little things. The problem is I was super submissive when we met, I was still going through the divorce and when I was married before I would do anything and everything. I changed in the divorce process and am a lot sassier now...