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The things she comes up with...

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SO BM has the worst life like EVER.

After she told the court the kitchen at her job burnt down, the place got robbed so she didn't get paid and now she can't get to work because she has no car which little green aliens probably stole-so she can't pay her child support which also must mean the phone is broken because she hasn't even bothered to call SS since before court last month.

Well, today she begged that we not turn her in to CSE because she's "got all the money and will just give it to us when we drop him off this weekend".

Whosa what? Drop him off? Who did you talk to about that? Not me. Not SO. SS doesn't seem to know anything about that. And where exactly is this mythological dwelling you've conjured up that I've been hearing about for months?

Sorry BM looks like the aliens robbed me of all my f*cks and set them on fire. Little green b*stards.

CSE already initiated the garnishments themselves according to this lil letter I have righ here.

*sips tea*



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Just kidding. You're awesome.

What kind of mother doesn't call their child for a month? I haven't seen BD9 since approximately 7:45 this morning and I'm already looking forward to picking her up this afternoon and hearing about her day.

Maybe the little green men will abduct her next?

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Bahahaha I have bouts of cynicism. Today is just one of those days Blum 3

And seriously-I don't know how she does it. I bring BD to daycare and by 12 I want a hug. She goes months without seeing him, she's gone months without calling-I don't get it and I stopped trying it's crazy making.

And if those little green men could come take her-I bet she would make a great science experiment.

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BM didn't call my Skids for a little over 2 months... And even then it was just to pretend to care for 30 seconds and then whine to DH about how she has no money to see them... She literally moved away and quit her job to be with her druggie bf... some woman just don't give a s*** about their own kids beyond their own personal interests. It's gross.

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"Sorry BM looks like the aliens robbed me of all my f*cks and set them on fire. Little green b*stards."

And my desktop is now covered with bits of lettuce. Too funny!!

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I swear it's like they are delusional. BM didn't talk to SS for a month except to yell at him and then she just casually asks him if he needs school supplies. No, you crazy b!tch, you haven't paid for a single thing in a month you think we need $20 for school supplies!? I swear she only did it because it's in the CO.

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I love guessing at underlying motives. I think that's my favorite sinister step game.


I'll take "Some Sh!t for 200 Alex"

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No kidding. I am curious to see what her reaction is to the motion to modify that says she has to give her income to determine how much child support she will have to pay. She's going to freak the f out or say nothing all.