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O/T Thank you Roku 3!!!

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For bringing me shows which were forbidden to me growing up, namely:

DARK SHADOWS circa 1966

WOW this show, despite people flubbing their lines occasionally and the campy canned 60's juke box music at the "Blue Whale," was ahead of its time.

LOVE the character of Roger Collins played by Louis Edmond. I usually despise soap operas but this is the exception!! VERY intriguing!


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I loved that show. Yeah, I watched it way back when. Quentin Collins was my fave, and who doesn't remember Quentin's Theme? Yeah, I'm showing my age, lol.

Show got me in trouble once thou and almost got me banned from watching. Dad was dozing and I was watching the show in the living room. I started screaming "He's going to bite, he's going to bite her" . Dad came half awake running into the room frantic. Dad thought he head me yelling "There's a fire, there's a fire".

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Ohhh Quentin. Yum. I also liked Angelique because she was one tough little witch. Enjoy!

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I'm still on season one, episode 56+ after Bill Malloy turns up dead on the cliffs