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O/T Halloween Movie Thread

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What are your favs?

1.  Rosemary's baby (with Mia Farrow)

2.  The Shining

3.  Storm of the Century

4.  The Evil Dead (original) campy, yet hilarious

5.  Exorcist (original--I heard the Exorcist III was not half bad)

6.  Salem's Lot

7.  The Pyx

8.  Night of the LIving Dead (circa 1962?)

9. I Bury the Living

10. An Interview with a Vampire

11. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

12. The Great Pumpkin

13. Carrie

14. The Grudge

15.  The Ring

16. The Amityville Horror (with Margot Kidder)


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Halloween is my favorite holiday.   DH and I are working through our Spooktober viewing list and watching lots of movies on Shudder.  We need to get better about tracking and rating what we watch.  The new Creepshow is good so far! 

My favorite Halloween movie is Trick r Treat.  We watch it every year on Halloween Eve.   We both dress up to hand out candy (we get tons of kids in our neighborhood) so Halloween night is very busy. 

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My favorites are:

Ghostbusters 2
Adams Family
Adams Family Values
Any TreeHouse of Horror
Sleepy Hollow
Nightmare Before Christmas
Scream Trilogy, but not 4
Practical Magic
Witches of Eastwick
Monster Squad (old school right there)

I don't go in for gory, so I have a hard time with a lot of the horror genre. I too am a Halloween lover, we decorate and turn our front yard into a graveyard and have a fire pit and hand out gobs of candy. We also go do a bunch of the Halloween stuff, like haunted houses, Halloween Horror Nights, the Disney Trick or Treat party, pumpkin patches, Octoberfests. Yeah October is a busy month for us.

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1. Hocus Pocas

2. Red Riding hood

3. The wolfman (benicio del toro)

4. brams stokers dracula (Gary Oldman)

5. The people under the stairs

6. the craft

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Magic with Anthony Hopkins

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The company of Wolves.  It is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and it is awesome.  And Cabin in the Woods.  Totally bizarre.  You will never see another movie like it.

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The Haunting--1962

Jeepers Creepers 2

Stir of Echoes

The Mist

The Fog - 1980



It Follows


Sixth Sense

The Shining- 1980


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Dead-Alive. My fav moment is when the Catholic priest goes all kung-fu on these zombies in a cemetary & goes, "I kick *ss for The Lord!"