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OT - the evils of Ouija

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Echo, you asked for it.

Incident #1 - 38 years ago
My oldest sister used to have a Ouija board. Since she and my other sister (also older) used to cheat on the Mystery Date game so I always got The Dud, I figured they were cheating with the Ouija, moving the planchette themselves, to make it say what they wanted. night when they and my brothers were out, I got out the Ouija board and tried it out. The planchette moved all by itself and spelled out D-I-E. The next day, my parents rushed me to the ER where my appendix burst and they barely got it out in time.

Incident #2 - 36.5 years ago
I was at a friend's house for a birthday/swimming party/sleepover. Typical 14 year olds, we were in her bedroom, primping, preening, putting on tanning lotion or sunscreen, sitting on the bed, sitting on the chest of drawers... Anyhoo, later that night, we were all in her bedroom and they wanted to do the Ouija board. She got it out and everyone except me piled onto her bed. I sat on the floor against the chest of drawers with a book and a flashlight. The birthday girl said "Spirit, give us a sign that you're here." A bottle of suntan lotion that was pushed against the wall on the back of the chest of drawers, FELL OFF onto MY SHOULDER. I said, "Well, that wasn't very nice. I'm not playing." And turned to the next page of my book. The other girls all ran out of the room, screaming.

Incident #3 - 23 years 10 months ago
It was my 27th birthday. My then bf and I were at the home of a couple with whom we always played board games. I was baffled as to why the gift they gave me was wrapped in black paper since it wasn't a milestone bday like 30. I unwrapped the paper to find a Ouija board. When I looked at the discarded wrapping paper, it was now purple with multi-colored balloons and Happy Birthdays on it. I NEVER opened the box. I took that Ouija home and burned it. It made horrible hissing and screeching sounds while it burned a sickly GREEN.

I have not touched a Ouija board since the day I burned that one.


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:jawdrop: Never!! My cousins had one and the ONE time I was there and they took it out I ran outside and hid under the porch! I was 9. My mother would never let my siblings have one and I have told the SS's that even as a joke it will NOT come into my house and if I ever see one I will pack and leave. My DH and SS's understand this.

I was under the impression that burning it was the worst thing you could do??

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At the time, I didn't know what else to do with it. There was NO way I was going to give it to someone or throw it away intact. Internet wasn't available to look up what to do with the bloody thing. I poured a circle of salt all around it before burning, then disposed of the ashes in multiple places.

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After my 2 previous experiences, there was no way in Hades I was giving it to someone. And I felt justified in that decision with what happened when I burned it. I'd swear on a stack of Bibles that thing was evil and possessed.

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When my dad and his sister were teens, they used a Ouija board to try and contact their father. He died of a massive heart attack about a year before that. They got in contact with something but it wasn't their dad. The entire house turned freezing cold and they both were being held to the floor and could not get up or move.

Their mom (my grandma) came home and figured out what was happening when she saw the Ouija board out. She got out 3 bibles and they all read from them until the evil spirit left the house. Neither my dad or his sister ever touched one of those again.

You couldn't pay me any amount of money to touch them things.

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Cooooookies, I truly believe that some people are natural or vulnerable conduits to spirits. Very scary.

Do you know what they did with the Ouija after that happened?

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I believe the same as well. I know that my grandma and my dad have "visited" several times over the years. Some people don't believe in it or maybe just aren't aware of it but it has happened to me.

I don't know what they ever did with the Ouija board.

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Some people are more sensitive to things. Two people can stand right next to each other. One will see/hear/speak to the ghost; the other sees/hears nothing.

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As kids, we had one and played with it and nothing ever happened. I don't think the board itself is evil or bad, I think it's just the person using it has the intent to bring something unseen into their reality. It could've been anything used. Think of people who use salt and chickens to conjure up the dead.

I won't touch them anymore because I don't want to open up that door. I do enjoy watching the TV show The Dead Files and the medium is always saying don't touch it because you don't know who will come.

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I've used one many times and spoken to many spirits. But, I also hear animals... so.......

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I grew up in a pagan house. My great grandmother was a fortune teller. I grew up with tarot cards, cartomancy, astrology and numerology as big parts of my life. I am in my 40's so no new pagan here. But one thing my grandmother always advised was watch out for the oijua. When you play you issue an invitation. You cannot be certain what will come.

Multiple cultures and religions believe in demons.... there is a reason for that.

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When you play you issue an invitation. You cannot be certain what will come.

blueorblackink, I believe that wholeheartedly. A friend of mine played (when she was in her 30s) and had nightmares for weeks afterwards. Little demons holding her down while another tried to get her to open her mouth so he could crawl inside. She finally asked a friend to come and cleanse her house and the nightmares stopped.

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Some think Ouija boards are cursed. IMHO, everything depends on the person/persons using it. Some are more open than others and are easier to "enter" and control. Crazy shizznit.

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I did one once when I was in college. People dropped off left and right so it was just me and another girl. We both were laughing and accusing the other of pushing the thing around. Her grandfather had died not long before that so she decided she was going to ask to talk to her grandpa. Every time she asked, it would go to NO. The third time, she practically yelled that she wanted to speak to her grandpa!

Across the room...where nobody was (dining room), a picture of her grandmother and grandfather fell off the wall, shattering the glass.

I very quickly decided to quit playing!