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Awww..we have another little Idiot....aka spend spend spend

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SD......age 18 has a partime job.  For graduation MA got her a hotel room in a sunny state down south on the ocean.  He paid for the room and airline tickets for SD, her friend and DD.  (DD is going since she is 23 and can get the keys to the hotel room).  

Ah....the only thing MA told SD she had to pay for we her food and entertainment down there.  Ah...coool....

To get ready for said vacation SD has spent the following:

$50 on a pedicure

$150 on a manicure/nails

$100 on false eyelashes

Soo...$300 for all of this not including the money she spend on clothes for this trip.  

Her reasoning for spending the $300 on beauty enhancements..she wants to look good for a place she has never been....and she will literally spend all day in the ocean swimming.


I just sit back and laugh and let MA spin his wheels on all of this. 

DD laughed about all this because as she was telling DD about the foundation that burns her face..DD asked why she didn't just buy new foundation.  SD responded because she was trying not to spend money.....and then 5 minutes later was like.."bye" gotta go I have a naill appointment.  DD was what nails apparently take fake or ghost money..since SD is trying not to spend money.

SMH.....SD is chip off the old Beaver block....

which btw....I figured out how Beaver will fund her life. She took another Home Equity loan out on her condo....the condo is worth about 130k...she now has a mortage with a balance of 45k, plus now a HELOC for 75k.  She now owes 120K on a 130k condo and is 49 years old.  I don't see how this is going work when I believe she has at least 80k in student loans as well.  

Can't image where SD gets her spending habits from


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My eyes widened at the mention of $150 for manicure... And I feel bad paying $12 for OPI brand polish to use at home.. Lol.


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I can do heck of lot more with 150 bones than get long @ss fake nails.

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EXPENSIVE! I am all for if you are young and you can afford to treat yourself like her birthday is coming up, to do it because you might not always be able to afford such luxuries. Although, it is being quite naive at the same time. When I was 18 I worked at this seafood restaurant over the summer and I made GREAT money so I was spending said money on luxuries that I normally wouldn't because I could, BUT a couple years later, I wish I SAVED that money instead. I don't regret treating myself however/whenever I wanted while I could and didn't have other responsibilities, but I wish I saved 3/4 and only spent 1/4 on those extras. 

We are going to spend $150 on the three of us getting TOP OF THE LINE pedicures for my 30th birthday since I will be 37 weeks pregnant and that is what I want to do, I can't imagine dropping that much money for just those 3 items!! 

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I can now do acrylics and the like.  I'm not as good as a nail tech but it looks pretty good.  I do my own hair and pedis as well. The salon became prohibitive. 

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My friend spends tonnes getting manicures and I don't see how it looks better than the ones I do myself. Maybe she enjoys the process and whatnot.. The pampering but you can't tell the difference by looking. It's just a solid pastel colour. I do the same thing. 

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I really think they should teach money management in schools.  I know budgets, bills, money was not discussed in my home growing up, if you did ask you were told it was none of your business.  I’m curious what sort of money management MA has taught SD18 over the years?  I know unfair trick question, but really you can’t blame a kid for having poor money management skills if she’s never been taught a damn thing about it, and you don’t count because as we all know “you aren’t the mom, you don’t know.”

I’m reading this hoping you take it in the context I’m trying to convey, which is light hearted towards you and heavily dripping with sarcasm towards your MA.

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He is very frugal and does save money and never ever misses paying a bill.  Now I will say his divorce, student loans, court costs, alimony and child support wrecked him for awhile.

MA rarely spends large sums on do reap some benefits.  He enables my high end shoe habit but never to the point we are in debt.

He tried to teach SD about savings and keeping money for emergencies and for bills. Goes in one ear and out the other...after all these are NEEDS not wants..  (nope these are never needs unless your super model and then you aren't paying anyway)

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When my granddaughter, A, was in Girl Scouts, she said the leaders were teaching them things they would need to know as they grew up.  This was back before the internet and people often used Penneys or Sears catalogs. My idea of a good project was to give each girl a hypothetical dollar amount and say figure out what you would buy for your family members for Christmas using the catalog.  

A listened intently then said the project was making flower arrangements.  Okayyyyy....


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Yup, Little Idiot's credit score is in the toilet. She's behind on her credit card and auto payments. She's underwater in the car she bought. She struggles to make rent without help each month but she still has the $ for regular nail appointments and DoorDash. She has student loan debt despite having it 150% paid for by the government.

You think she'd work more since she only works very part-time and is not in college? Nope. She's lazy as well. It's will all come to a head soon.

If your DH cares, he will reign it in before it gets to LI's 30k in debt plus another 20k in car debt. My DH just poo pooed me when she was buy $300+ sneakers at 18.

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I can't get over the 150 for nails. One of my daughters wanted acrylic nails when she was 15. She paid for them, around 50 euros. She got them filled when it was due. Honestly, she has very elegant hands and the nails were beautiful but she decided that the cost plus the damage to her nails weren't worth it.

Her hands and nails are still beautiful but  now she buys stick-on nails and lets her nails breathe. Frankly, the stick-ons look real.

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I dont want to sound like a cheapskate, but come on, that amount of money just for Nails is ridiculous. Then again, I was never that much of a girly girl to have ever gotten into the mani/pedi thing as weird as that sounds. I only got my nails done once when i was a little older than 18. I havent since because I decided I couldnt be bothered with the upkeep of them due to the  extra expense of that  maintenence. Ive preferred  taking care of them myself at home, especially over paying 150 bucks.  Yikes 

And I am also asking myself the same question as why this is so necessary if she is just going to be at the beach most of the time, where you inevitably  get all salty, sandy, and sweaty?  How long do you think those fake nails and Fake eyelashes will hold up?Who is she trying to impress and who even cares if you look that good at the beach? ?  When I go on vacation to such a place ( and especially with all the heat and humidity like we've been having in my area) , its too much effort to feel like straightening/ styling my hair, dont overdo it with the makeup,  or even worrying that much about it. 

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Get ready for a whole slew of social media posts from the beach with her fancy nails and false lashes.

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I really wish we could post pictures here... I really want to see these $150 nails. I get my nails done every 3 weeks and it's $50 (powder dip natural nails) SD has spent $75 (without tip) on a full set with French and designs. My place is a little pricy but worth the quality.... so $150... LOL... what is on them?? Cardi B style? Is she able to wipe herself ???? 

I get getting mani/pedis and stuff done before vacation.. I always do and at 18 it's probably even more important... the amount though I wish I could see these things.. 

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that have trinkets and crap glued to them. That is why they 150 bucks.  They are very long and they will pop off after a day or so in the ocean.

Same goes for the eyelashes...they look like some catapillars have taken up residence on her eye lids.  

smh...she is all fake.

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Those really overly fluffy phony lash extenstions oo!  I will never understand the fascination with those ! How many people are that impressed with someone elses freakin Eyelashes? Does anyone normal actually care that much? Seens like just another waste of time and money to me

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I dub SD "Beaverette"

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I call her that in private..never to MA...but yea...