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Sd in college

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Sd swore up and down to DH that she's going to be coming to visit him while she's away at college.  He has learned to not believe this. 

I'm so glad he's learned to not believe this, it makes it less heartbreaking for him (still hurts, but not nearly as much). Since she's turned 14, she's come for a total of 15 days (with less than half of these days being over night visits) she store when she got a car that she'd be spending more dinners here, since she could drive herself, she hasn't had dinner here but maybe once. 

DH has turned her room into his office (which pissed sd off, even though she hasn't stepped for into her room in years). But it makes me proud that DH is seeing the truth about sd (she hasn't seen us as her family in years). My daughters call DH any time they have an issue, they thank him for everything he's done. 


What's funny is sd still has a habit of confiding in my youngest (who's also away at college). The latest is hilarious, just because sd sets herself up for this so badly. 


Apparently sd was afraid of going away to college and still being a virgin, so the first guy that showed her any interest, she decided she was going to sleep with... but she told him he couldn't touch her body (so strange, but if that's what floats her boat). Apparently they went out once and they did the deed. Then when she got to college, there was this one guy she fancied, within a week she slept with him, but once she did, he started flirting with her friend, and then left sd for her.  Sd Told the friend it was ok, she didn't mind, that he wasn't any good in bed anyways (i guess in comparison with the 1 guy who wasn't allowed to touch her). 

Sometimes i feel bad for sd, but then i remember, she's a crappy person. There is not 1 redeeming characteristics about her, and everyone that spends enough time to get to know her, figures this out about her, eventually.