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BM - Failure!!

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We have SD14 fulltime (for almost 2 years). BM bareley sees her; this month it's been 4 hours on Mother's day and that's it..........

Anyway; tonight is her first Dance!! She gets to wear a nice dress and get all fancy and she has a date.........guess who hasn't called or isn't even coming to see her??

You only get one guess............

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Awe, poor kid. But honestly, life is probably easier without all the mess of her being able to be inconsistent all the time. She'll have a good experience with you. Smile Smile

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My SD13 went to her first 'formal' a couple weeks ago. BM didn't call or ask anything either. She never calls the skids. I felt really bad for SD when her mom came to pick them up for visitation, and she ran out to show her the dress she got to wear to her formal (we did notify BM, and even sent her a pic afterword). I was just thinking how this BM doesn't give a damn what this girl wore, what she did, nothing. Poor kids excitement is for nothing.