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My car was keyed

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And I think it was BM. My car is (was) nicer looking than hers and was in better condition. I am a safe driver--no tickets or accidents. Can't say the same for BM. If I had $100 right now, I would bet it. DH tells me I'm crazy to think that. However, from the time I came in the house to the time I went back out, BM was the only person on our property. She's been bitchy with me for a while, and I think she's childish enough to do it. DH tells me she's more mature than that.

Really, DH? She doesn't take responsibility for her actions, she hasn't had to face consequences (financial, judicial, parental or otherwise) for any of her actions since I've been in the picture (going on five years). I told DH I was done. I would be standing outside staring her down to make sure that nothing else we own was destroyed. He tells me I'm just going to make things more difficult.

Has BM ever done anything that was the final straw for you?

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I have told DH I will be looking into cameras. He told me to go ahead, but IF she did do it, she wouldn't be stupid enough to do it again. I disagree.

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I can't prove it. However, I know that for the last two months, weird things have been happening and it only seems to happen on exchange days. Why she does it, I don't know. I do know that she's been having her own issues and we have been ignoring her. I don't know if this is her way of "getting our attention," but it's a poor decision.

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It's been a while, she has always been up to something. Normally, it's something that she does, but doesn't think we don't know about, or can't figure out it was her. For the last two months, weird things have been happening to our property when she comes to pick up the kids, and it's ONLY on exchange days. She's been nasty to DH at every turn and has done somethings that are specifically directed at me. For privacy sake, I'm not going to list everything here, just in case she stalks (I would guess she does, based on her other behaviors).

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Get a small surveillance camera and install it in your car. Then you can give it to the police and charge her. Put it in a place where nobody can see it.

Absolutely take advantage of this opportunity to charge her ass.

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Well there you go, three of you in this little Forum site. You can't all three be wrong. Never had a car keyed in your life I'll bet and all of a sudden, sitting in your own driveway, on your back street your car gets keyed.

You'll need two cameras. They can stand alone or be wired to a central system. Don't be afraid of the cost they're shocking cheap today. Go to any security store in the yellow pages or Radio Shack.

One camera to see the front and one side, another to see the other side and the rear if possible, but most keying is done on the side.

After she does it call the cops and while waiting make copies of the video for them to take with them. Some cops will take a lazy stance by saying "we didn't witness it". Tell them fine make the report and you'll follow them downtown to file a complaint and sign a arrest warrant or whatever the district attorney wants.

DO NOT BE SPOOKED by them telling you that you can be sued for making a citizens arrest. One of the other ways they try to weasel out of taking reports and filing complaints. You can be sued any day by any body - so what. I can sue you tomorrow. Doesn't mean I'll win but I can sue anyway. Make sure you appear at the arraignment and tell the district attorney you are there to answer any questions. Don't be put off. Tell him you want justice - no plea bargaining that you're not satisfied with. Minimum of a fine and probation.

Of course she's done the damage and probably doesn't have the courage to do it again. Unless her car gets keyed that is.

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I have had another car keyed (well, they didn't use a key, but a ring and that over ten years ago now.) And due to the situation going on, I was able to figure out who did it--and due to a helpful police friend, find evidence on the person's ring. It took her being confronted to admit and justify why she did it. Her parents ended up paying damages (just had to go to the hardware store to find something to buff it out).

I don't know that she'd do it again for sure, unless its his car. I also think this is her acting out for being ignored and not getting what she wants in court. She's acting childish because that's the only way or her to act.

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And you didn't shoot her? :? I would have were I you. Good thing my US home is in Texas where these things are celebrated.

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DH is afraid of me getting a RO against her, as that could affect his time with the kids. I don't think it will. I think it just means our house isn't where pick ups should be. She does things that DH and I would never do at her house--can't actually stay in the driveway (we have had to replace three sprinkler heads from when she runs them over), walks around all over the place because she has to say "goodbye" to her babies (they don't get it--it makes them uncomfortable, especially since she doesn't even talk to them in the car), and so on.