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The “Evil” Step Parent

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Realizing I turned into that type of step mother when I: 


  • Thoroughly enjoyed weekends/holidays without those skids
  • Felt relief to hear the phrase "them kids not coming over this weekend" 
  • Jumped for joy with his kids (BOTH of them at the same time) opted out of coming over 
  • Couldn't wait until they left on Sundays and got triggered if he extended their stay (because I was rarely informed or consulted)
  • Anytime dude forgot his phone I purposely refused to retrieve it so that his ball n chains wouldn't interrupt my time with their non-stop calling over trivial sh*t
  • I have purposely hidden his phone to avoid skids pinging him at inappropriate times 
  • Felt huge rush of dopamine saying NO (as a FINAL answer) when it required helping his ex wife get respite from her own kids. 
  • Felt not one ounce of guilt for feeling the way I feel....guilt riddled Disney dad has enough guilt for everyone lol!



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Not evil, just human.  I literally cried when Spawn turned 18 and I knew everything was over.  I no longer had to worry about court every 3-6 months, for CS for a meth addict to get her fix on my dime, for a spoiled toxic SD to invade my home and post it all over social media for her and her friends to laugh about.  I bombarded my DH with text after text that day about our freedom and how elated I was.  That was 8 years ago and my life has been so much more sane since then.