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"A mom knows best"

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It scares me how there is a vast number of women who deem it perfectly acceptable to withold their child from seeing the father. I cannot believe grown women state, "if the mother is keeping the child from the father, there's a probably a good reason".

*bangs head against wall*

You know what hex's reason was? "My daughter doesn't need a father. She needs her mother more."
She said he wasn't responsible because he forgot chores, and liked to sleep in until 9am.
But yes, that's probably a good reason!
Mothers ALWAYS know best!

Why can't more women understand that there are horrible, evil women out there who hate their ex husbands more than they love their child? Who alienate, lie and do anything to have their child belong to "them only"? Who physically abuse men or emotionally abuse children? Why can't more people see that there are women who use the children as an excuse to get more money, and bitch/cry when the ex husband draws boundaries by saying "no"?

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Very true. Some women are absolutely terrible. And they seem to find the absolutely sweetest men to be terrible to.

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Hahahaha, BM doesn't tell SS that surprisingly since she needs DH and his family to take SS whenever she chooses to go party or meets a new boy toy and has to pawn him off on someone. Now she doesn't even bother pawning him off and leaves him to babysit her other minions so she can go hook up at night. He's 9 and in charge of a 7, 5 and 3 year old. CPS has been notified but she lied her way out of it, as usual.

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Why??? Because most BMs think that most of us are like me. I would freely give BF more time with bios if he was heathy. There is a damn good reason I have sole legal, a RO and primary physical. I grew up without my dad (see past blogs) because of my BM. My dad has died and I have zero relationship with mom. I actually dragged my feet on hold Bf accountable for his behavior towards bios because I will not be my mom. But through therapy, I know I doing what is best for them and one day, if they come to me like I did my mom, to ask why I fought in court to get BF supervised visits I will be completely honest (not lie like my BM still does) and I have the paper trail to prove it

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I certainly wouldn't say "most BM that think that are like" you. I would actually say that you are probably a minority. Sadly.