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adult skids relationships

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I had a question as I'm trying to find a happy place....for those of you who had skids living with you and then turned the age of being able to go to college and be on their own, did your relationship with them improve or did it stay the same??
I think back to my days with my sister and how much we hated each other when we lived together. I went to college and when i came home on weekends/holidays I actually enjoyed beind around her and valued her. I'm wondering if this will be the same with the skids if the day ever gets here....


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Sorry to say no. Ever since I told them a week ago that I was marrying their mom, the two adults dont even talk to me. They are very disrespectfull and selfish. It is very hard on me to deal with this and don't know what to do to change things.

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I try to keep any conversations to a 0 and enforce the what happens there stays there. The exceptions recently have been did bm ever get you(ss15) signed up for drivers ed...answer of course no - it would be something that didn't affect her. have you(ss17) got any loan information or anything for college - bm said she'd handle it....ha! so that one's not going to happen either. No responses are ever verbalized from me about these, but DH will ask them why they keep leaving her responsible for taking care of them as she obviously doesn't. she has failed to get medicine for ss15 ear infection, contacts reordered for ss17, signedup for drivers ed - the list goes on and on.....

I was just hoping that once we all have space that things would change...