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New nannycams

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I am finally recovering from Covid. This is the first time I've ever had it, and it sucks. Thanks work "bro" for coughing into my desk fan days before Thanksgiving!  I hope you get herpes for Christmas!

My last post was a bit rambling and incoherent, because I also have asthma, so I wasn't getting enough oxygen to the brain, I don't think. LOL. To sum up - DH went off on his kids and told them to knock it off. His sister went off on me in a group text, due to SD21's lies. Sd21 wanted to come to Thanksgiving at our house, so she thought it would be a good idea to call me a child abuser. Not sure how that logic works. but okay. If I don't have to see his sister again, so be it. I know DH will be sad, but he knows his sister is crazy, so he kinda saw this coming. 

I just ordered 2 indoor nannycams off Amazon, for our public areas at home. Now that the younger 2 SD's have drunk the SD21 Kool-Aid, I need some protection from their accusations. My question is, do I hide them or just put them right out there in plain sight? Not sure how DH will react, but I think he will be ok with them, since we've had them before to monitor pets while we were away. 

I also ordered 2 Amazon gift cards, $25 each, for the younger SD's. I am not wasting too much time or money on them this year, after their behavior. At least now I can kick their butts out of my house if they start going Harpy on me. Dh's eyes have been opened since he witnessed the full brunt of their selfish delusional behavior this Thanksgiving. 

Oh, on another note - my favorite cousin came out as a dominatrix this Thanksgiving, in front of all her great aunts and grandmas. It was quite the family drama, I heard. I knew about her profession, and apparently she is quite good at it! So good for her. She always had the best ideas of how to get in trouble when we were growing up together. She has a fun-loving streak that is always a hoot. So, my Thanksgiving was not the only one to implode this year. LOL.  




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Don't you just love the holidays in Stepland!  The drama never ends.  I'm just holding my breath, ours usually starts in about a week as SD tries to figure out how to get money to buy her kids love, er I mean, get them extravagant gifts.  Since her only source of cash is DH, the drama soon begins, tears, outbursts, self-pity, etc.  We will end up giving her most of her Chrisymas $ early.  Sigh...   Happy holidays, I wish there were nannycams back in the day.

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I think the nannycams are a great idea. For your own safety and peace of mind. You need to feel safe in your home. If they try bullshit absolutely kick them out. Don't mess around with trying to explain things to them or get in a back and forth 

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Good on you for having cams. Hopefully, they record sound as well. I wish i had done this too.


You are way too nice to get them any gifts lol they would get a dollar store card from me and thats it. 

At least the dominatrix story is fun drama that you will all laugh about in years to come but the steps drama is traumatizing and has serious repercussions on your health and reputation. So I feel like its not as fun....

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Nanny cams- smart!!! I would keep them in plain sight. Now that everything is out in the open- the cameras can be out in the open, too. That way it's not a mystery.... when they act up- lets do a quick play back! 

I don't think you owe them an explanation as to why you have the cameras. Tell your DH yes, but the girls- no. If they ask just say we wanted to put them up- leave it at that. 

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Keep cameras in plain sight. It acts as a deterrent.

At least your life is never boring LOL  but i get that boring beats this drama anyday. Good riddance to cray cray SIL


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Glad you are feeling better.

I put my cameras on display and even pointed them out to SS when we got them. I told him that if he is going to make accusations to make sure he has the date and time so that we pull up the cameras for court. Not a single accusation was made after that.

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Ok,thanks for all of your input. It sounds like I should put them in plain sight, as a deterrent. I like that idea.