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About Aggression (Kind of a Spin Off From WalkOnBy's Post)

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So very terrible that WOB's stupid ass 17 yr old SS assaulted her and apparently her DH doesn't think anything of it!

And now I think back to when we were supposedly playing football in the yard and Dominatrix, at the time about 8 yrs old used the excuse of the game to take out her aggression against me. She told me she thought I was "attacking" Chef (who is 220 lbs) during the game by actually playing the game.

Now I realize that's nothing compared with a 17 yr old boy attacking you, but Dominatrix at 8 years old was almost the same weight and height as me (her mother is an amazon) She tried to trip me and then knock me over and pin me. I could see in her eyes that this was more than just a mere game. So I tossed her to the ground and spoke in hushed tones (I know what you're doing; don't ever try it again).

I got a deer in the headlights look back.

I can only speculate what would have happened if those kids were still coming to my house for visitation now that they are teenagers. . . Disgusts me!! And of course Chef would still take their side to this day.


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BM's crazy husband as pushed me before (he is a big guy and I am not a big girl) when I turned around and said "Do not touch me." His eyes almost bounced out of his head. It was crazy. But bullies are always shocked when you call them on things. Way to go calling Dominatrix out.

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It's really about what people think they can get away with.

DH once body-pinned an 8 year old (actually a nephew) who thought, because DH teaches martial arts, he could try to repeatedly hit DH who told him to stop multiple times until he escalated to the point of DH needing to pin him. Then DH threw him into the bathroom and waited for his father (DH's cousin) to come around. Cousin made his kid apologize to DH.

Nephew is a COD, so he has some aggression issues, which would probably be made worse if unchecked. Thankfully, cousin did not allow it and so what could have been an aggressive child is mitigated. He's a sweet kid, but needs to be put in line (although I wonder if all kids do at one point or another) occasionally. However, it couldn't have worked if cousin wasn't on board with it.