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Here comes trouble

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My YSS55 and I have an arms-length relationship, civil and polite but that's about it.  He lives out of town and has been separated from his wife for several years altho they arent divorced.  He's an excellent father to 3 daughters and the youngest, 14yo, lives with him.  The 2 older ones live elsewhere and are launched.

YSS has always been a very cool guy so it's been surprising to hear him talk about his GF, "C".  They've been together over a year.  She has 3 elementary-age daughters and is going thru a divorce.  I've never heard him so enthusiastic and interested in a woman.  They don't live together but he got her a job at the business he manages.  He is really in to her, I can tell.

I don't think he's met her girls but SD61 was here today telling us about "C" meeting his.  SD61 exaggerates everything but there's usually a kernel of truth there.  No problem with the older ones but I hear GD14 said, "I'm going to out my foot down!  I'm not calling her Mom!  She can't tell me what to do!"  

So this is going to be interesting.  YSS is blaming his ex for putting this stuff into GD14's head.  Buckle your seatbelts, guys.


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I wonder if YSS55 might be flashing back to us.  When DH talked about GF working with him, YSS said, " Yeah, like you and JRI".

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Why do step kids constantly think all stepmoms want to be called mom? I'm sure some of us do but I don't ever care (or want) to be called mom by ss. 

Your GD14 is also teenage...I'm guessing even her mom doesn't get to tell her what to do so....


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I never had the wish for the SKs to call me Mom.  Occasionally, in a tender moment, OSS has called me Mom.  It's touching but is uncomfortable.

I think GD14 might be having a contentious relationship with her mom.  She's also a big daddy's girl.

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If I ever meet her, I'll be tempted.

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Sadly the drama passes to a new generation LOL.

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the Skid's choice. They refer to the SParent as the SParent stipulates. This does not have to be dramatic. Even if the shallow and polluted end of a SKid's gene pool wants it to be.

I was Dad(dy). I was the first person SS-30 ever called Dad(dy).  So, a number of years later when he came home from a SpermLand visitaiton with "(SpermGrandHag) says you're not my dad and I can't call you dad." The following discussion was pretty simple.

Rags: "Son, You have always called me dad. If you no longer want to call me Dad, then you can call me Mr. (LastName).  I do not allow children to call me by my first name and you are not my niece or nephew so, your call.  Dad, or Mr. (LastName)?"

SS:.  You are my dad, I will stick with dad. Lets go play.

End of discussion, end of story.  It never came up again.  Though about 14-ish years later he asked me to adopt him. So now... he too is Mr. (LastName). And... I remain... Dad.

I WIN!!!!!! 

More importantly, my son wins. And his mom wins.  Winning is good. For the whole Rags clan team.  Woo hoo.

As for GD-14's protestations.  Yes, dad's new GF will tell her what she will do if GD-14 is in the GF's home.  And... any home GF lives in, is GF's home. Whether GF moves in with daddy or not.

I find these entited overly self important failed family breeding experiments to be decidedly droll. Though their idiocy can be oh so entertaining. Particularly the part when reality smacks them right between the eyes or kicks them in the pants. Figuratively of course.

I can't wait to hear about the new GF telling GD-14 that what GD-14's BM says or thinks makes no difference.