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First Day of School

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Every parent and stepparents favorite day of the year!!!!!  I was singing and dancing as SS18 left the house this morning.

SS18 is the last kid at home, he's a senior.  He will probably be living at home for a couple more years after high school to attend an automotive program at our local CC here in town, which is fine with me.  Probably will be the only out of the 3 to actually graduate and do something with a degree!

Working from home just wasn't as zen this summer with SS18 here.  He was zonked out to electronics all summer long.  No visits to the pool, or the library, or anything else that he usually likes to do.  Should make for an interesting school year.

Congrats to all of us that are seeing the kiddos off to school!!!!


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Yesterday was the first day in a few months (maybe all summer) where a kid *wasn't* in the house. Decided it was a good time to get frisky with DH. Wink

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At the risk of sounding like a piggy, Lieut, must confess that sexual congress in the first trimester is big time, lustful fun. You go, girl! Blush



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Granny, I'll be third trimester next week. I'm having to get really creative with what I can do now!

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Shame on me, Hon! Since you've been in my thoughts so much lately, I should have known the stage of your pregnancy. URG! I grovel in humiliation....

At the risk of embarrassing you, my dear, I must insist that you, along with Aniki and a few others, are the glue that keeps us all together. You are a wise and wonderful young woman. Give rose

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No shame needed, Granny! I've determined pregnancy is both the shortest and longest nine months ever lol. And I appreciate the compliment, though I wouldn't rank myself with the rest of you wise women!

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I remember those sacred first days of school when all 5 were finally out of here all day!  It was my best day of the year.  In those days, school started about September 1.  On July 15, I'd start the countdown since that was the half-way point.  Congratulations to you and all moms!

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Took my bra off!!!!!!  I realized how much I resented having to wear a bra and cover up during the hottest dog days of summer cuz SS18 was home!

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Oh YES! My (beloved) grandsons left yesterday afternoon after a 3 day stay. The first thing I did as DH's car avec boys left the driveway was to rip off that sweaty, itchy, aggravating bra. What relief! After many scratches and sighs, I flopped into bed with my eBook reader and appreciated, appreciated, appreciated. Dance 4


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Two more weeks here in Ontario.  Keep us in your thoughts *ROFL*