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Trouble making without any cause

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New here. Hello.

My 38 year old SD has a personally disorder. She was diagnosed as a teenager with ODD, and OCD. She gets thoughts in her head and no matter what I say, she persists on trying to make me look as if I have an agenda. It's gotten worse, now that her daughter is older and has formed an attachment to me  I love my granddaughter, and have told both her and her mother that many times. But now my SD is now trying to say that I won't accept my granddaughter because she's experiencing same-sex attraction at 14. I feel that my SD is trying to put a wall up between my granddaughter and I. She even went so far as to verbally attack me for being a Christian after I answered some questions she had about the Bible. In other words, she set me up. I'd love to strangle her. She's a manipulative liar who has never wanted daddy to replace her late mother. 

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or somehow recording these convoss might help keep the "truth" from being re-written.

I also have a manipulative lie-telling SD22 Feral Forger, who is exactly like her mother, Toxic Troll. And a Backstabbing SD15 who will activate the mother when she feels like it. Sucks, but thats what it is. So I either text or dont text, depending on the situation. I am disengaged from both SD's on varying levels. I have Feral Forger blocked and Backstabber on high alert for any indication of impending malice.

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Today was a red letter day! My SD's true character was finally revealed in a full-blown tirade towards her father. She kept asking her father for favors, and then would pull back at the last minute, saying they had found someone else. Well, he told her and her husband to get their act together and she went ballistic.