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Pretending smile

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Hey everyone. 

Im new, i hope i can get help. I really don't know if am insecure or not, my problem is am in a relationship with my man for 3years now  his loving and caring. The problem is we dont have a child together infact i don't have a child but he has with other woman '2 different women'.

So the problem is his giving too much attention on the last born, its like his obsessed, everything now is about the child, his whatsapp profile pics, statuses and Facebook, he even print the shirts with the name of the child. N i asked him no more secrets coz his children are mine as well as we staying together but il found out that his having conversation with the mother of her last born sending money behindy back n hide all of that. 

When we talk about this he will tell me that he doesn't lose connection with his child, than out of curiosity i told him that am ready to have a child now since i dont have one but he just told me that his not ready. I love hos children so dearly but the tension that is happening recently makes me feel like he loves his last children more than me, i pretend to be okay but deep down im dying. 


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You are in a relationship with him and love him.  Does he feel that way about you or have you convinced yourself that he does?  There is a difference.  I mean that kindly and with all good wishes.  This man very likely is not the one for you and is in fact using you.  Sad

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There seems to be a lot going on so I wouldn't recommend having a child with him. Something else you can't over look is that he's not ready to have anymore children and you do so that places you in a predicament. If you want children and he doesn't your best bet is to leave this relationship now while it's still early. There are insecurities and jealousy here and not a great foundation to bring another child into this chaos. 


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He already had kids with 2 women that he already abandoned. Dont you think that a red flag already? The fact he not ready to have kids with you should be even a bigger red flag. If you still want to have children I advise you to have them with someone who hasnt already got any. Because you and the baby will not come first. There will always be constant drama if it be with his current kids his exs. You wont have time to enjoy being a mother. Just have to see the others on here who have bio and SK they are miserable there lives are full of drama. 

Do you really want to bring a child up like that??