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OT - 9/11

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In rememberance of the tragedy of 9/11, please take a moment to reflect.

There was shock and horror and heartwrenching pain. 
There was no race, no religion, no politics. 

A nation came together. We were all brothers and sisters rushing to the aid of our extended family - America and its people. Supplying shelter, food, water, money, time. Holding a stranger's hand or hugging them to give the only thing we could - compassion and comfort.

I realize not everyone on this site was affected by this catastrophe, but there is a deeper message. We all have our hurts. Don't try to make someone else hurt so you have a companion in pain. Reach out to comfort, not to incite or anger. Words have power - please use them wisely.


Love and peace,


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18 years... in some ways, it feels like yesterday. In others, it feels like decades. 

I was at work and the boss came in and said he'd heard on the radio that a plane had struck one of the towers, He turned on his radio (desk) and we all gathered around to listen. We all stood there, listening with growing horror as the terrible events were related. The boss told all of us to go home and be with our families. Yes, it feels like yesterday. Sad


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Very well said, Aniki.  It is definitely a day that you notice people being just a little nicer than usual to each other.  Such a shame that it takes a tragic anniversary to have that happen.

I can't believe it has been 18 years either.  It feels like a lifetime ago.  My first husband was still alive and we were so happy together.  I had no idea what was in store for me right around the corner.  Both of us came home early and watched what was happening on the television with the dogs piled on the bed with us.  They could tell that we were upset and were cuddling in.  I clearly remember him reaching out suddenly and covering my eyes, telling me not to look.  It was when one of those poor unfortunate souls made the terrible choice to jump from the tower and the camera caught it live.  He knew it would break my heart to see it and wanted to spare me.  Even now thinking about it moves me to tears.

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I distinctly recall that my now ex was suffering from a spectacular puking hangover that morning. I made lunch for the skids and asked oldest SS make sure the twins got off to school. The whole day was surreal. My boss sent us all home, so I took the kids out of school, grabbed some Subway, and took them to the park. SS was a teenager at the time, so he understood what was going on. The twins were in 1st grade and had a hard time understanding. SD said, "Mommy, why did those bad men hurt everybody?" I had no idea what to say. SS piped up and said, "They're bad, SD. They hate people who aren't like them and want to hurt them."  I didn't even know I was crying until SS7 crawled up on my lap and wiped off my face and said, "Don't cry, Mommy. We love you." 

I spent hours last night looking at hundreds of pictures, crying. All of the devastation and horror. The wide-eyed shock on faces. People leaping from buildings to escape the fire. A hand and forearm reaching out from under the rubble. In the middle of debris, a man's back, shirt shredded and blood running. But everywhere, strangers helping strangers. I truly wish the entire world would make the effort to be kind instead of hateful.

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I was in Southern CA working for a Government Contractor that makes nuclear stuff and vehicles of war, so we were under an "orange alert", the one before red and after yellow.

I turnded on the radio and listened for a while, not quite getting it. Then spent the day on CNN while the many reports splashed across the headlines, crying while photos and videos played out.

This tragedy caused my then 18 year old cousin to join the army, for 2 different signups, to be a patriot. He came back angry as well as many other things. He has been in institutions, and had to go through intensive therapy.

The heaviness is still on us, even 18 years later.

Blessings, Peace.

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My oldest nephew was in the Army and spent several years fighting that war. We're all very thankful he came home in one piece. 

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What a day!  I also remember exactly when/where I was.  It's also my B-day today, kind of stopped having any big celebrations after that event...too hard to celebrate when in rememberance.

I was on my way to work when I heard on the radio- when I came into work I watched on the TV in the breakroom. I work for an airline and we could see the airport from our offices, and suddenly the skies were silent with no planes (all grounded)- it was so eerie and terrifying to see this.  Most of us wanted to go home as felt we obviously could be a target-but we also had thousands of calls to tend to with passengers calling frantically -from checking whether our flights were involved, to re-scheduling, etc...the following days/weeks were extremelly busy, all hands on deck, overtime mandatory in some cases.

I will never forget the horror seen, those lost,  nor the love/compassion shared between all of us in this country. 

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If only that love and compassion would reappear.

Happy birthday, bananaseedo! xo

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Aniki you have such a way with words. I can feel the compassion in your post. God bless you and the USA.

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Otherwise they would have been on one of the planes that hit the towers. I thank God everyday for his divine intervention. I had been in a car wreck the week before and was feeling sorry for myself, I had a couple of broken ribs and a broken leg. DAH called me and told me told turn on the TV, all hell had broken loose, his company was sending all the drivers home or telling them to get off the roads and stay put. DAH was 12 hours from home and got a hotel room asap. The very first thing I saw when I turned on the TV was the second tower getting hit, I kept thinking this can't be real.

So many live's lost and this impacted so many others. People think about the almost 3000 souls that were lost that day, but this effected so many others. These were our American families, we may not have known them personally, but they were still part of our lives. 

Everyone that I have talked with, that remembers 911, knew someone or a friend of theirs knew of someone that was lost that day.

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Yes, so much was indeed lost that day. And there are those who will never be found and families will never have closure. Did they die? Did they suffer from amesia? Did they make it into an opportunity to disappear and start a new life? Not knowing can make you crazy.

But the unity that grew from that tragedy was beautiful and poignant and awe-inspiring. What I wouldn't give for everyone to take a tiny light from the very essence of that coming together and apply it to every day of their lives.

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Well said Aniki! It’s unbelievable the number of “friends” who think it’s ok to insult a friend when politics differ. We are all people, and it’s not ok to assault voters or harass children when they don’t fall lock and step with another’s beliefs.

We really should band together more as people and as a country. Someday we will all meet and answer to our maker, regardless of “beliefs” so just stop being so mean to each other, people. As seen in this forum, we all have enough drama in our lives without creating more.

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Oh, I SO agree with you!!! If you don't someone's ideals, STEP BACK. There are 3 things I absolutely refuse to discuss (except with my DH):

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Sexual preference

DO NOT CARE what your religious/political/sexual preference is. Those are YOUR choices. But please do not try and shove your choices down my throat. I have my own beliefs with which I'm perfectly happy. So when you don't like someone not agreeing with you, agree to disagree and NEVER DISCUSS IT AGAIN.


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Preach it Aniki! I don't talk about any of those issues except my DH as well.

I don't need to be right, I just want to make sure I'm always learning!

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Learning is a whole 'nother animal from someone getting downright hateful because you don't believe the same things they do. 

I feel that if I'm not learning, I'm stagnating. 

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I was living in California so when I got up the worst had happened.  I saw it all on TV compressed in a few minutes. Horrible. 


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18 years ago I was in the states, NYC, for the first time in a lotta years. Completely surreal what was happening. Didn't think. Just DID. Thankful to be alive then. Doubly thankful to be alive now. Wish people would be kinder. Never forget. God bless you Aniki.

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WarMachine13, I know you served. Thank you for your service. And thank you for your selflessness on that terrible day. <3

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9/11 is always hard for us because of our close ties with NYPD. In the last few years, 3 friends have passed from 9/11 related cancer, and one of our dearest friends is fighting for his life and has been for 6 years since his diagnosis. It’s truly horrific and stirs up a lot of anger when I allow myself to dwell on it.

So today I decided not to dwell on it and went with a friend to see “You are here: a come from away film”. Y’all, if you get a chance to see this documentary, you HAVE to do it. It is such a beautiful story, incredibly heartwarming and inspiring. To be reminded on today of all days that there is true kindness and generosity out there in the world really filled my heart with joy. I can’t recommend it highly enough.  

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Felicity, I am so sorry for your losses. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Thank you for sharing the film information!