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Bioson Brag

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My son, "Awesomeson" took part in the Air Force 9/11 ceremony today.  He does Honor Guard on a routine basis for the Air Force.  Here is the video:'

He is the guy holding the U.S. flag.


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That's wonderful and sad at the same time.

Thank you for sharing.

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he is a great joy to me!

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 Proud moment.
Well done to the handsome young man and to you as a Mom!!
Very touching to watch.

(HTF did you end up with SS and how do you put up with him if your own son is someone out-standing??!!)

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skids (OSS, Pumpkinhead stb 23, SD, Animal Torturer stb 21 and YSS, the HouseShitter stb 17) were the product of NON-parenting by the Girhippo and Chef.  Although I was a real single parent (no help from StepDaddyBigBucks types or boyfriends NOR CS) I managed to raise my two children to productive adulthood through INTENSIVE parenting not unlike the parenting  I received as a child. 

Right from wrong was inculcated into us from toddlerhood!  Empathy, concern for others, and selfishness was NIPPED IN THE BUD.  Not so for a lot of children today.

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How awesome!  I know you are one proud mama!  Thank him for his service and thank you for sharing!