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Awesome Son Brag

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He will be doing the flag ceremony for today's Broncos versus Buffalo Bills game on CBS.



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That's wonderful! What a contrast between your kids and your skids. What does Chef have to say about this special event?

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Oh Chef is just biding his time...

No doubt at least One of his ferals will make the evening news one day....probably have a full 15 minute of infamy as America's Most Wanted.

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 we just got another report stating that the houseshitter will continue to get classified as ADHD and the special education that goes along with it.  What a waste of government taxpayer money on children that are simply not parented and feral!!!


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That's awesome news!  I'm sure Chef gives you the kuddos you deserve for raising such an amazing young man.

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Unbelievably he tries to take full credit!!!!  Which is really shocking because he had zero dealings with Awesomeson until he came to live with us for a couple months before he went to basic. 

At the time he was working B shift so Chef never even saw him coming and going!  Chef likes to think he gave Awesome Son the idea of going into the Air Force!

In reality Awesomeson approached us about the idea before he even moved in for that couple of months.  Something Chef conveniently forgets.

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im so grateful i dont have FUGLY bios like the Gir and Chef have!